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May I speak to Dr. so&so? - page 3

I just had to share this. Last night one of the nurses had to call one of those docs NOONE wants to call in the middle of the night. Anyways, she calls and has the guy on speaker phone coz that's... Read More

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    Quote from praiser
    no one messes with alibaba !!
    ha! i wish i could take the credit but it wasn't me. i neither posses the coolness nor the smoothness of this nurse.
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    One very bright, cool nurse
    One doc, knocked down a few notches, who asked for it
    A patient helped, who needed it
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    Well done!! :clphnds:
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    Wow! Awesome job on her part. I love that kind of attitude!
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    OMG! That is awesome! Good for her!
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    that is amazing!! i cant wait to be able to be that comfortable and bold if need be!
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    That has to be the most professional shutdown I have ever heard!! Way to go!!!!
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    Fabulous story!

    It's a shame so many nurses allow docs to verbally abuse them like that. We had one doc who would get up into nurses' faces, ranting and spittle flying. Totally unacceptable! I let him know early on that I was not going to allow myself to be spoken to in that manner (damn, that was hard to do) and he ended up being one of my favorite doctors.
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    AWESOME! My question is, did the doctor change his attitude after that??
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    Love it!!!!I wish I could do that!!
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    Quote from Alibaba
    I just had to share this.
    Last night one of the nurses had to call one of those docs NOONE wants to call in the middle of the night. Anyways, she calls and has the guy on speaker phone coz that's who he is and that's what we've gotta do when we call him.
    He starts yelling and basically cursing her out but she wasn't got have that so she calmly waited for him to finish and she says
    "Am sorry, May speak with dr. so&so? My name calling from..."
    The doc sounding a bit confused says "This IS dr so&so. I've been talking to you for 5 minutes"
    The nurse says "Am sorry u misunderstand me. Am calling to speak with dr so&so about his patient and I just know that u couldn't be him because no doc is his right mind and a license to protect would dare speak to me or any nurse like that when they are calling not to chat about the weather but about the health and wellness of his patient. I am sure you understand. So when he comes in, could you kindly have him call me @ #. I would really like to speak to him soon or am going to have to call the medical director in the middle of the night. And we all know how pleasantly that would turn out. Don't we dear?"
    And hang up the phone!!!
    A minute later, the doc calls back and says "This is dr so&so. someone page me?"
    She is my hero.:bowingpur
    Doctors arent afraid of medical directors, what hospital do you work at???
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    I would be willing to bet there isn't a single sporting goods store on the planet that would carry a cup to fit the massive set she grew that night...

    Way to go! :bowingpur
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    Way, way, way better than what I usually say. I tell them the sooner they exhaust their street vocaulary the sooner they can go back to their much needed beauty sleep.