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I just had to share this. Last night one of the nurses had to call one of those docs NOONE wants to call in the middle of the night. Anyways, she calls and has the guy on speaker phone coz that's who he is and that's what we've... Read More

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    That was Aaaaaaaawesome!!!!

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    What a wonderful role model! I would have had to read that one from a script. Wish we all could work with nurses like her!
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    WOW!!! What a smart, confident and articulate nurse!!! My hat's off to her!!!!...and on the speaker for all to share!
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    Thanks to you both...

    This nurse is my hero!:bowingpur

    I have to remember that...maybe pass it along!
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    no one messes with alibaba !!
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    The things you don't learn in nursing school
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    Quote from praiser
    no one messes with alibaba !!
    ha! i wish i could take the credit but it wasn't me. i neither posses the coolness nor the smoothness of this nurse.
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    One very bright, cool nurse
    One doc, knocked down a few notches, who asked for it
    A patient helped, who needed it
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    Well done!! :clphnds:
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    Wow! Awesome job on her part. I love that kind of attitude!

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