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    My husband and I were in to visit my MIL today and an aide told us that state was in a couple of days ago and saw the artwork of the residents on the unit(my MIL is on a dementia unit)that were hung on the wall in the activity/dining area and state said they had to come down, because the artwork was age inappropriate because it and was damaging to the residents dignity basically. The residents who could still understand were upset because they liked seeing what they made up on the way and the families were upset also.

    The artwork is the only thing some of these residents even enjoy! Some of these things were pieces of different material on paper, collage types and some were drawings of different holidays, special events, etc. I feel bad for the residents, because when we have gone in, we have pointed them out and get a conversation going about the colors, ideas, etc. and some have worked really hard on these projects! What gives?
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    I am in total agreement with you...what does give...seems unreasonable.

    * was just thinking, was the art held up by tape?
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    nope, very nicely displayed.... they feel it is childish to do artwork??? hmmm, I am almost 40 and I still enjoy doodling and such and doing crafts....and if the residents do not want to draw or do the crafts, they do not have to participate.
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    I think the "State" needs to clean their own stinky house...they seem to be so good at dictating what the rest of us should and should not do!
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    Where do they come up with this crap?????
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    I've never heard of artwork being considered a state violation. Every LTC facility I've been in displays the resident's artwork. I would think there would be more serious things for state inspectors to worry about.
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    That's idiotic. If it makes the residents happy and proud to display their artwork and see what others have created it should absolutely stay in place. Talk about a waste of time and energy.
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    I say we march on State and rearrange their furniture!!!
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    As much as i hate to say it, CARE PLAN IT!
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    Sounds as though someone was rejected from art school and is projecting his or her inferiority complex onto all things art related.
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    What is it with State? Do they sit around on their day off and come up with this crap? Really
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    Our residents display their art work all over the place. Its great I think. State is due anytime and I hope they dont say its a violation. Those people have so little that they can personalize as it is, letting them display their crafts makes it feel more like "their home".
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    Can you follow up with someone in admin? Is it possible the aide does not know the full results of the report the facility got from the inspector? Something sounds fishy. Is it possible a snotty shift manager doesn't like it for some reason and is using the inspection to "clean up" anything he/she doesn't like?
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