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I was recently offered a job where as an RN, I will have to report to an LPN. She will be my supervisor, but they are expecting me to sign off on documents that she can't because of her position. I find this very strange and I am... Read More

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    problem I am seeing here is the fact that many states nurse practice acts do not allow a licensed practical nurse to supervise a registered nurse.

    I worked in LTC and at one time there was a licensed practical nurse who was the assistant DON. She had to give up the position, which she had worked at for over 15 years because state did not approve of her being in such a position.

    Also in my state if a facility does not have a RN at least 8 hours a day, the facility can be fined by the state. There are many forms that a licensed practical nurse cannot sign off on. It's illegal and against the nurse practice act of the state.

    I hate to turn anything into an us (RN) vs. them (LPN), but no way would I accept a position where an LPN is going to be my boss no matter how many years she/he has in nursing. It goes against everything I have been taught and to mention yet again...our states nurse practice act.

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    As an LPN (RN soon), I must admit I'd be very uncomfortable supervising RNs.
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    I would be uncomfortable having to sign off on documents for my supervisor, but whether or not I would be comfortable being supervised by an LPN depends on the roles assigned to each person. For example, if the supervision was more Human Resources related, like payroll and whatnot, it wouldn't bother me. I wouldn't want to have to oversee my supervisor's nursing work though.
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    Quote from love_being_an_aide
    I get the feeling this thread is going to turn into an "RN vs. LPN" war, and if you search the previous threads, you will find this topic debated time and time again. And common sense can answer this question. An RN isn't going to want to be supervised by an LPN because many of them don't want a bruised ego knowing they have to answer to a NURSE, yes, nurse, who they feel is less qualified then they, although may have YEARS of experience and wisdom. To the OP, did you ask about the responsibilities of the LPN and how that relates to your position? She may be in charge of scheduling or phone calls to doctors, but chances are that your state law prohibits what she can be allowed to do in a supervisory role. Call back the facility and ask these questions before making a decision. Just my two
    I suggest you check the Nurse Practice Act of New York state. It is not a matter of bruised ego that RN's refuse to be supervised by LPN's, it is a matter of law, under their state's Nurse Practice Act. I have been both an LPN and am an RN. Never have I been supervised by an LPN, regardless of the position she has held. She has neither the education or the legal abilities to supervise someone who has more education then she does. As for taking orders, regardless of the facility, it is the nurse caring for the patient who seeks out the orders, not a supervisor.

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    Quote from ILClaire
    I totally agree...it's a dangerous situation when you're signing off on someone else's work. I'd definitely say no...you're not there just to go and sign papers. I have nothing against LPN's as supervisors...but when I have had an LPN as a supervisor...the NM always signed off on anythign that needed to...as in the LPN's supervisor should sign off...no you. I wouldn't do it just because of the fact that if you haven't accepted the job and have reservations about it...go with your gut feeling. Don't do it. And honestly, I'm just a CNA, but I've heard HORROR stories about being accountable for supervisor's mistakes. This is your career...take care of it!
    yes i worked very hard for RN and LPN's work hard or their license , i think adhering to the scope of practice according to your state is cery important..
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    we have lpn as adon in many nursing homes but they really do office work, make schedules, check charts etc..not supervision in the strict sense of the word..while on floor unless the rn is being orientated thee would never be an lpn with authority over an rn
    each of these nurses are responsibile for their licenses and should follow rules as set out by bons

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