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Hello: I finally got a job after 5 months searching as a new graduate. I have a job that I like in a rural clinic, nice schedule, nice pay, I get one hour lunch (even when I dont know when lunch time might be 2pm,3pm). The place... Read More

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    The clinic sounds complicated- what with needing two patient identifiers and discharge instructions for every patient. What kind of clinic is this? Are you doing many procedures? Having had a bit (just a bit) of clinic experience, when dealing with a chronic issue, sometimes the patient has received a great deal of education already and we might not have anything new to share. But I digress because I don't know what sort of clinic you are working at. All I can say is if you truly are spending 5 hours doing nothing then someone has too much time on their hands because no clinic is that slow. Unless you are in Siberia.

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    Someone always has to assume the new grad is automatically wrong. God forbid the experienced nurse just might be lazy. No.... The new grad must be the lazy one..... Sigh... I hope my preceptor doesn't make assumptions about me based on other experiences with new grads.

    No one is without faults. Just because someone has experience does not mean they do not make mistakes. Just as the OP could probably be more proactive, it seems the preceptor is not great (based on lack of handwashing, flirting, and being bossy). Also, it seems that he is a good nurse because he gets things done, but it seems he is set in a routine that is not really good for people trying to learn. Some people just aren't good teachers. Doesn't make them a bad person or a bad nurse though. Of course we can never really know, so why side with anyone? Who knows, maybe no one is lazy, there just might not be much to do.

    and the whole handwashing comments are absurd. Yeah, I'm sure the OP is singing their ABC's out loud while washing away. Lol!

    hang in there. You can make it. One day you will be a preceptor and remember this experience.
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