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Actually, I thought it was kind of cool! We have a patient with real bad wounds. +cdif, + MRSA. Needless to say the smell was overwhelming in the room. We have used those carbon air fresheners in... Read More

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    We use iodoform gauze like streamers to absorb odor.

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    I've used the iodoform gauze too, only just opened the jar and pulled a little bit of the gauze out to create a wicking action. It did work pretty well and it's something the stockroom has on hand in a pinch. Have also used this for patients with very smelly diarrhea to improve the environment. I'll have to remember the kitty litter idea.
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    Is it a particular type of kitty litter, or any kitty litter?
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    Quote from Luv2BAnurse
    Is it a particular type of kitty litter, or any kitty litter?
    any kind is fine.

    we've been using kitty litter for years as an odor neutralizer.
    pts tend to hate those commercial deodorizers.

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    About 10 years ago I was at the ED in Milford-Whitensville (Mass.). They had a magical little pump bottle of, I think, diluted clove oil. One teensy weensy little spray up into the air magically deodorized a large room area in moments. It was the darndest thing I've ever seen. They guarded that little bottle like gold, and the effect certainly justified it! No after smell or residue or stuff to clean up. Just, 'smell gone'!
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    we use a spray of diluted peppermint oil. it works really, really well.

    i have seen kitty litter under the bed. when i was in nursing school i had a pt with gangrene and the MD ordered kitty litter. we just put some in a pt basin and placed it under the bed. it really does help absorb the smell.
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    This is so interesting! Never heard of these suggestions before, but will consider them if I ever have the occasion. I assume that the deodarized kitty litters may be a problem because of allergies...
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    tray of charcoal under the bed, is just as effective as well.

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    Quote from jlsRN
    Gee, I thought this was going to be a 'patient giving away kittens from her hospital bed' thread. :chuckle
    j, you just KNOW that mgmt would try to make someone order kitty litter for that patient if they thought it would improve Press Ganey scores.
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    How the heck do you bill this?

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