Information on Everest institute, GOOD OR BAD!

  1. I am now on a TWO year wait list for the nursing program at my college. This put bluntly SUCKS! However I was told by the D.O.N at the college about EVEFEST INSTITUTE. She said that if I didn't want to wait the two years then I should go to Everest were I could get my LPN then return to finish up my RN at the original College. This means that I would be finnished in 2010 instead of 2012. Sounds great, Except for the price. A mear $25,000.
    I understand that it is an investment. But I can't find any reviews on Everest. I need a little re-assurance that I am doing the right thing from people who are were I want to be. Help!

    Thank You
    Greg Is this a unisex nurse? lol.
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  3. by   angelikdemonik
    NO, NO, NO!!!


    It is NOT a school. It is a business. They're not in it to teach you the Nursing skills you need to be a Nurse, they're in it for the money.

    Please, trust me, that waitlist is much better than you dropping 25K on tuition.
  4. by   nrsang97
    I agree with the other poster. BAD idea. Deffinately stay on the wait list. Apply to other nursing schools as well.

    I see that you too are from Michigan. Look at the MI forum and there is a thread about the Everst institute. Read it. Some of the things they say are scary.

    Apply to HFCC, all other community colleges, Baker College has LPN and RN , School Craft College, EMU, WSU. Good luck to you.
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  5. by   Nurse_Diane
    Quote from angelikdemonik
    NO, NO, NO!!!


    It is NOT a school. It is a business. They're not in it to teach you the Nursing skills you need to be a Nurse, they're in it for the money.

    Please, trust me, that waitlist is much better than you dropping 25K on tuition.
  6. by   principles
    There is nothing wrong with going to Everest institute. The program is accredited by the state of Michigan and it has been in Grand Rapids for 12 years.It is new to the Southfield area.
  7. by   bellablues
    The medical assistant at my gyno's office told me about Everest and said it was a good school. She went there. She is a great medical assistant. She knows what she is talking about ... she is very patient ... answers all of my questions.. she cares... and she is very nice. I am switching from Baker College's nursing program (Clinton Township) to Everest. At least they don't accept people and then deny them like Baker does to make money off us.
  8. by   Colleen2014
    I have heard the same things about that school even the price yikkeess thats alot.
  9. by   bellablues
    Yes, they are both a lot. I would rather have a L.P.N. in 11 months though then have to deal with the stressed out, & catty students at Baker. Plus Baker's program is way longer (3 years, full time). People who go to Baker don't even get in the program if they have a 3.85-4.0 gpa. The admissions people should tell us that when we enroll. We shouldn't be hearing it from Advisors a year later. After we have taken all the pre-req's and then were told to enroll in another one of their programs. People get stuck there doing something they didn't intend on doing. It is a major let down to the student and to the family of the student. I personally feel like if I don't become a nurse now I'll be letting my family down and that pretty sad because they are already proud of me anyways and they would never be let down.

    The school teaches ethics and morals it's too bad they don't follow their own rules. Many of them do this and it isn't right. They should have a pre-test that will show if a student is even going to be close at passing the Pre=Req's and then if they aren't they should be directed to a program that better suits them. Just a thought.

    My little sister went to BAKER to sign up before we knew the latest news of having to get all A's basically. She is signed up and enrolled in classes and they DID NOT say one word to her about maintaining certain grades. She is a first time college student. I mean come on. She is also a single mother of two little girls. How could you deceive a young struggling MI mother? I guess anything for money right?

    Then I asked my academic adviser if I had a better chance of getting in the RAD tech program with my A's and B's and I was told "NO." Even though in the handbook and even on Baker's online website it says you must maintain a C+ average per classes for RAD TECH. I mentioned this and the academic adviser told me this information was "NOT" correct. She said "that needs to be changed," even though it's a brand new book. She then proceeded to coax me into going to a 2 yr Medical Assistant Program. Yea ok, why would I do that when I can go to Everest's Medical Assistant program and be done in 8 months. That makes a ton of sense to do Bakers program. 2 years and that includes my classes I already have so it would have been a longer program. BIG JOKE!!

    How are we and the government letting these schools get away with this? This is not ethical at all. Nor is it moral in any way at all. Thanks for listening. Oh and btw my sister and I have meetings at other schools. My sister will not be attending Baker as a first time student and I will not waste any more money on them either. Before we agree to anything with another school we will be getting everything in writing this time.

    FYI- Here is a list of accredited schools-
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  10. by   DolceVita
    When they told me about our waiting list I wish that I had just gone and done the BSN at the State college. I nearly went to a private 2 yr but it would have cost all my savings. I just don't think it is worth the money. For me, the wait worked out...sort of,,,I had a sick family member to look after. They also told me it would be two years and it was three and a half -- not funny.

    If you haven't done your Anatomy, Micro and such, get going on those next semester at the college where you applied. Why don't you speak to an advisor at the nearest 4 year college? They are so helpful (better than those at my college anyway).

    I do not know why a percentage of places at tech college cannot be competitive. Oh well. I am in now and happy (but I could have been one semester from a BSN).

    Good luck.
  11. by   principles
    I think Everest is not too bad. The only downside is the price( a whopping $29997).I personally think it is too much for an LPN program. With that money, you can probably get an associate degree and a Bachelors.
  12. by   ccomstock07
    I am currenty enrolled at Everest and I have to admit I have had a few problems but it wasnt with the people who work in the admin office. My problem was with the teachers. I know that there was an article in Good Housekeeping this month that mentioned Everest. I have not read it yet. My friend is actually sending it to me. But I am going to read it and go from there. I know that Everest is an accredited school and the teachers that I have had so far know what they are talking about and are more than willing to help you understand the material. You also have other students to talk to and stuff like that. I believe that Everest is a good school and I am looking at getting a Bachelor's Degree from Everest as well. I would consider talking to other people at Everest. I am not sure if you are looking at taking classes online or on campus. But if you are thinking about going to school online talk to Noel Green. She has helped me so much and she is a really nice person who is very concerned with everything that you are going through. She will help you with whatever you need. Here is her number 813-630-8977. She will answer any questions that you have. I hope that this helps.
  13. by   SharonH, RN
    I have a good friend who used to teach at Everest. She says they target single mothers and welfare-to-work population. They promise training for great jobs at exorbitant prices and help them fill out the student loan papers line by line. These (mostly women) are then left with high student loans for low paying jobs.....the ones that can find jobs. They are highly unethical.

    Don't forget if you have to take out a $25K loan then you will have to pay back the loan with interest. So you could potentially end up paying $30 or $35K for that certificate. You must do a cost-benefit analysis. Will you be making enough after graduation to pay back that loan and your bills plus save and live well? For the record, my graduate degree cost about that much and I went to a well-regarded school and paid out of state fees. Don't do it!
  14. by   armybratkat68w
    Hello! My name is Kathryn. I currently am an LPN in the state of Michigan and I earned my license at Everest Institute. Sure it does cost a lot, however I wanted to work as an LPN not an aid while getting my RN. I am making 18 dollars an hour (for a new LPN, not too bad) and I am going to my community college for my RN. Everest has had bad reviews, but those reviews are from other programs and people shouldnt judge so quickly and give advice they know nothing about.
    Good luck in your nursing future!