If you weren't a nurse, what would you have become? If you weren't a nurse, what would you have become? - pg.4 | allnurses

If you weren't a nurse, what would you have become? - page 4

For some reason I was thinking about Spinal Tap, at the end, when the guy says he would sell hats if he wasn't a musician. So if you weren't a nurse, what would you have become? If I was being... Read More

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    Probably a lawyer or a teacher. My dad is a teacher and really pushed me away from it. Maybe a Speech Language Pathologist. Nursing suits me well.
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    A stranger.
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    Singer,actress, Foster mom, teacher or therapist

    Hmmm..seems to me.... I'm actually doing it all already under the title "Nurse "
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    I'm not a nurse, but I'm in nursing school. This is my first degree in college.

    I would have gone into elementary education or high school english, but I changed my mind. :P

    My dream job would be working in a lab with genetics or something else of the coolness caliber.

    I like nursing, though. (:
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    A children's bookstore owner, a la The Shop Around the Corner in "You've Got Mail"
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    I am still mouth a gape over "porn star" idea...
    oh...maybe bad metaphore...
    my bad....
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    Well, I've already been a lot of things, so, I guess I'd say, "a barista"
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    soliloquoy, _'A porn star "

    " Now your a thinker, you could offer check ups while your at it! "
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    I think about changing careers ALL the time and I can't ever make up my mind what I'd like to do!

    1. An Author of Novels, maybe even some 'steamy' ones! (I get too self conscious letting others read my work)
    2. Marriage Counseler- I've REALLY been considering doing something like this lately! I know of a few people that could use it
    3. Real Estate Agent - Actually considered doing the training to do this a couple years ago.
    4. Stand Up Comedian - My husbands actually told me I'd be good at this before.
    5. Home Daycare provider
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    realistic ones now- pt or ot, endocrinologist, dermatologist,infectious disease dr, something in finance or accounting. there are so many different professions. police officer but i dont think i have the right personality for it. maybe flight attendent yet
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    Garbage man. I know several and they are the happiest guys in the world. Work outside, no desk, lots of exercise.
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    Found a way to fufill my dream of owning my own ice cream shoppe
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    Maybe be a librarian, there are books and the people who are there, can take themselves to the bathroom, they take their family members home, and you have to get your own coffee when you are there and it's quiet...