If you could pick your ideal job in nursing, what would it be?

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    So if you could pick you ideal job, with ideal hours what job would you do?

    For me my ideal job would be 3 days a week, 3-1 patient ratio on a tele floor

    I would have a pro active, supportive, vision for the future manager

    I would earn enough money that I could manage without worrying

    I don't mind working the holidays and I would like 6-8 weeks vacation per year

    I would have every Sunday off, so I could do family stuff

    Oh yeah and all my co-workers wouldn't be moaning, complaining and back stabbing
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    Using my nursing background but not doing direct patient care.

    Doing research or informatics Mon-Fri 7:00-3:30 is my dream nursing job. And working independently and not around a bunch of people would be even better!
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    I would like to work alone definitely, but a Tele unit with a 1: 3 ratio, or an ICU RATIO OF 1:1 Oooooh!
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    School nurse. M-F, snow days and all holidays off. I also want my current rate of pay.
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    Quote from tokmom
    School nurse. M-F, snow days and all holidays off. I also want my current rate of pay.
    I 2nd that...but can I also add a pay raise? lol
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    My next ideal job would be a NP. Work this same amount of days get paid twice as much.
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    OB - L&D - 1:1 ratio - or a Womans Health NP - clinic hours
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    I wish I knew. Maybe....
    something where I can take my daughter to school
    and be home in time to go pick her up.

    Something a little less stressful than what I have now.
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    Anything traumatic!! I'm a sucker for blood and gore! Don't care about hours, decent pay would be nice and work with mostly males....I can't stand the ********, cat fights and snarkiness that goes on
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    My ideal nursing job would involve:

    1. Minimal direct patient care - just enough to maintain my skill set.
    2. No contact with hostile family members and belligerent visitors.
    3. At least three days off per week, preferably in a row.
    4. Nothing in acute care - I don't like the high-pressure hospital environment.
    5. Only patients who are in stable condition with predictable outcomes.
    6. Low levels of stress and enjoyable coworkers.
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