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As a float nurse, I'm 10 for 10 as far as being dumped on. The managers say that it shouldn't be that way but nothing changes. I reported my concerns verbally and filed my complaints in writing. Yet... Read More

  1. by   NJnewRN
    Today I was just thinking about the same exact thing. I went to work today and had six patients. When you are float or agency, you can tell easily what kind of day you are going to have. If the patients are screaming out or confused, guess who is going to get that patient? I remember being floated this horrible floor aka "the dumping ground." I remember having a horrible day. Ironically, since I'm a agency nurse, they asked if I wanted to do a contract. Even if I was considering it, I immediately called the agency and told them I "WILL NOT" be taking a contract at this hospital. Why should I get locked into 3 months of H@$%^? It's stupid because they will have more patients when they are short. I owe them, a huge thanks. I switched to home care and couldn't be happier. I will do the floor once a week for as long as I can stomach it, but my days of pounding the pavement on the floor fulltime is done.
  2. by   BSNbeDONE
    Quote from dah doh
    Hang in there! There appears to be a light at the end of your tunnel! Have you considered getting out of the float pool? Maybe you'd get dumped on less if you worked on one of the units permanently.
    I just finished a year of fulltime in a cardiac stepdown unit and as the new kid with 20+ years of experience, even the Nurse Mgr made my life hell. She actually had the audacity to pull a nurse from ICU with instructions to help the other nurses ONLY even though it was understood by all that I was NOT a cardiac nurse by any sort!!!!! She never put me in the cardiac class that she promised as a condition of my employment. It was always, "I put so-n-so in and will get you next class". After a year of that crap, I gave my notice and left. She even changed my last day of employment as a way of trying to get me to come in on a day that she new well in advance that I was moving. So I called in because I already had the uhaul and movers lined up. Then after my employment ended, she called me at home and asked me to come to work on what should have been my last day. H*** NO! Had she not been so LOW DOWN, I would have already been there but she had to change the schedule in one final attempt to screw over me. Backfired on her! They ended up having only 2 nurses to work that day because one of her prized nurses did a no-show, from what the PCT told me in a text.Payback's a *****!
  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    Quote from Morganalefey
    Wow, this surprises me. In my hospital, we always try to give a lighter load to the float (i.e. no one on a drip, etc), and try to give them 5pt's so they don't get an admit. That doesn't always happen, but we try.I'm shocked to hear that there are floors that dump on the nurses coming to help them out.I guess they'll get pay back when it's their turn to float.
    If you work anywhere in Georgia, I'm coming to apply!!!! Lol!
  4. by   NJnewRN
    Can you get out of the hospital environment? Can you try something else like homecare, school nursing, clinics?
  5. by   LadyFree28
    I was a float nurse at a rehab hospital as a new grad...there was only ONE time I got seriously DUMPED on...1 pt from this assignment, I pt from this...etc. FIVE patients from EACH corner of the unit, each we call "old quads". The charge nurse thought that because my main float space was Spinal Cord and traumatic brain injury, the rest of the unit could get a "break"...I went right to their nurse manager, compared yesterday's assignment with that nights assignment, and it was shifted back to me getting a open assignment...and this nurse claimed I was lazy, lol...get sour grapes if you want to, I told him-you run around ALWAYS....yup, I'll take my "light" assignment!

    The floor had a clause that they couldn't deviate from the slots created, UNLESS the NM had final approval...best "advocacy" of my career!!!
  6. by   LadyFree28
    Didn't have problems SINCE then regarding assignments EITHER...(been a nurse for 8 years)
  7. by   BSNbeDONE
    Quote from NJnewRN
    Can you get out of the hospital environment? Can you try something else like homecare, school nursing, clinics?
    As of yesterday, another RN friend of mine and a business friend of mine, and I have started the beginning of CNA school/home health agency. We are in the planning phase and have applied for a Provider License. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My fianc is a CPR instructor for first responders and healthcare providers. So that's covered. It's gonna be a while before we're up and running but there is hope after all!!
  8. by   MomRN0913
    It's not fair. I started my career as a float nurse and would often go home crying. One floor was good to me. Some weren't. The night I went to 2 floors, started out on tele with 5 patients and 1 admission to be completed from 7-11 and then go to the next floor where they had an admission waiting for me for 2 HOURS ( I got there late because who could pass meds, assess and chart on 6 patients plus an admit in 4 hours). I did to go no,e until 10am.What did I do? After that night I went to my float manager and " I told them what happened , and what has been happening and said " if you do not find me a permanent floor I quit!". Took lots of guys to do this. Apparently they wanted to keep me, got me an interview with the NM of the MICU and I landed a position in a unit that became my home for the next 4 and a half years where I made friends like family ( if circumstances permitted I'd still be there"I'm not advocating doing quite what I did, but I took a leap of faith. Can we change it for everyone? Probably not, but we can attempt to make change for ourselves.I'm currently being dumped on in HH. I'm getting the heck out of there.
  9. by   Julia77063
    My unit doesn't dump on float pool because they can't admit CVICU cases but I have heard it happens on the floors....but the float pool nurses get paid $8.00 extra an hour. I think some of the nurses are jealous; I just say don't hate, participate
  10. by   nurselg1
    I would have to agree with the fact that favortism happens too often between D.O.N's and their freinds. I have been a LPN for 4 years now and have found myself caught in the middle of Favortism. I noticed when a new D.O.N is hired many off the old staff members are fred or stand a great chance of losing their jobs due to the D.O.N trying to hire their freinds. Most of the time the manager doesnt take time to get to meet the old staff and usually fire great workers. I think this is happening too much in nursing, their should be some kind o limitations or D.O.N's to hire too many freinds sounds petty but I have experienced some grusome things from this kind of favortism. I've seen unqualified staff hired to be unit managers who has no experience based on the fact that she was the D.O.N freind. Eventually the whole place started to go down to the dumps because it wasnt ran proffessionally as it was before. Has anyone ever noticed this happening during their nursing career?
  11. by   evolvingrn
    yikes five pts does not sound like a nice assignment we given our floats 2 or 3 with primary care model, we also try to given them medical pts since every floor takes those if we can't they get easy surgicals and also a nurse that is suppose to support them. Every person that floats is also given a form to fill out at the end of hte shift rating the support of the charge nurse, their support nurse and their overall experience including pt assigment, this form goes to our director.
  12. by   brithoover
    I currently quit the float pool for which I worked only 5 months. Treated horrible, same pay. I once worked a night shift on the cardiac floor and they gave me 3 admissions through the night while all the nurses took TWO HOUR sleep breaks as I rushed around like crazy. I cannot express how bitter I am about my experiences
  13. by   DoeRN
    Quote from Julia77063
    My unit doesn't dump on float pool because they can't admit CVICU cases but I have heard it happens on the floors....but the float pool nurses get paid $8.00 extra an hour. I think some of the nurses are jealous; I just say don't hate, participate
    Yeah I think this is the case for many of us float nurses. I make $20 more an hour than most of the regular staff and even more now because I am contracted to one floor. I make $13 more an hour from when I was a charge nurse. The floor is great but unfortunately they don't need me so I'm floated elsewhere in the hospital. I worked Saturday on a women's health for lack of a better word floor and I had SEVEN patients and the regular staff had 3 and 4 patients. The charge nurse tried to give me an admission and let's say it wasn't pretty. She ended up taking the admission and I sent a long email to my manager. I am off today and after I run errands I'm taking the rest of the day to study for my non-nursing degree. Can't wait to get away from the bedside.

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