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I reported a coworker for her inappropriate behavior as a nurse. I expected her to maybe get suspended for a few days. When I went to work I found out the she was no longer an employee. I hate... Read More

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    What did you want when you posted this? You didn't ask a question, or ask for input. I don't really understand what reaction you are looking for.

    As NREMT-P/RN said very well, you chose to report someone - when you do that, you are taking the chance that they will be disciplined in some form.

    Honestly I don't understand the "reporting" mentality in US nursing. It just doesn't work that way where I am from. If you have a problem, you talk to the nurse, unless there's something affecting staff or patient safety that must be reported to management. Messing with people's livelihood is not something to take lightly.
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    She deserves what she got. I'm sure.
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    I am curious as to why you felt a duty to report this? If she were behaving that inappropriately then the patients/families would probably have reported her. Was she neglectful? Did she practice unsafely? Did the patient appear afraid of her? I agree, we need more info to help you. This is surely not the time to be unsure of reporting someone, I know she has at least 1 mouth to feed.And on a side note- I have seen MANY people get very unjustly fired following just 1 event, even when it was heresay.Come to think of it, I would have to count on my fingers AND my toes the number of times one of my co-workers (nurses/doctors-and myself) in the ER have been busted being inappropriate or a little vulgar- just a way we break up the tension. We try to keep it quiet, but every once in a while..., nurses are human, and I have not met one yet who was as angelic as we are made out to be-most are polar opposites-or maybe that's just where I work.But I also feel compelled to mention that we provide state-of-the-art care, with as much compassion and TLC as you can imagine, and our clients generally love us (even press ganey says so).
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    your report did not get her fired...a list of reports likely did
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    You are not accountable for her getting fired. You gave the supervisor information on her behavior. Maybe the super already had a list of complaints? Maybe this was the last straw.

    You aren't responsible for her getting fired. She is.

    I felt bad going to my NM years ago about a co-worker that a patient complained about. She was unwilling to initiate a complaint but told me so I "could tell the manager". I did tell the manager what the pt. told me. Turns out the NM then talked to the pt. and it was taken care of. The co-worker didn't last much longer and I will never know, nor do I want to know, if my complaint was the deciding factor in the person "leaving".
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    I will start a program soon and already afraid of these situations. Why do people report on yeach other? I was a studetn for a while and wittnesses how some students do it and try to put down others, I just can get why? Instead of trying to help each other to survive those hard A&P classes, some are trying to get on top by putting you down. It is something that would be considered very horrible in my country and here it is all ok. Have you tried to talk to your coworker or just went and report on her? One day it can happen to you too. We all make mistakes, unfortunately.
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    Did you TRULY (be honest) report because of that? Usually the other nurse has something personal against the other nurse. I also agree that there had to have been other contributing factors that resulted in her termination.
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    I agree, you reporting her one time PROBABLY did not get her fired, but I also agree that in situations like these it is better, albeit harder, to go to the nurse that is offending you and discuss it with him/her first.

    Do you know for sure that she got fired? Someone may have chewed her out and upset her enough that she just decided to quit. Who knows?
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    Quote from lovesthefullmoon
    I reported a coworker for her inappropriate behavior as a nurse. I expected her to maybe get suspended for a few days. When I went to work I found out the she was no longer an employee. I hate confrontation in general so it is making me very uncomfortable to have been in this situation.
    I'd bet that you were not the only reason she was fired.....just the last straw.

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    Quote from lovesthefullmoon
    Cursing, talking sexually explicit, and just generally acting immature in front of patients and family members. She was embarrassing to be around.
    Sounds like she needed to GO!

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