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I reported a coworker for her inappropriate behavior as a nurse. I expected her to maybe get suspended for a few days. When I went to work I found out the she was no longer an employee. I hate... Read More

  1. by   tewdles
    your report did not get her fired...a list of reports likely did
  2. by   psalm
    You are not accountable for her getting fired. You gave the supervisor information on her behavior. Maybe the super already had a list of complaints? Maybe this was the last straw.

    You aren't responsible for her getting fired. She is.

    I felt bad going to my NM years ago about a co-worker that a patient complained about. She was unwilling to initiate a complaint but told me so I "could tell the manager". I did tell the manager what the pt. told me. Turns out the NM then talked to the pt. and it was taken care of. The co-worker didn't last much longer and I will never know, nor do I want to know, if my complaint was the deciding factor in the person "leaving".
  3. by   sacstate2010
    I will start a program soon and already afraid of these situations. Why do people report on yeach other? I was a studetn for a while and wittnesses how some students do it and try to put down others, I just can get why? Instead of trying to help each other to survive those hard A&P classes, some are trying to get on top by putting you down. It is something that would be considered very horrible in my country and here it is all ok. Have you tried to talk to your coworker or just went and report on her? One day it can happen to you too. We all make mistakes, unfortunately.
  4. by   JomoNurse
    Did you TRULY (be honest) report because of that? Usually the other nurse has something personal against the other nurse. I also agree that there had to have been other contributing factors that resulted in her termination.
  5. by   NurseCard
    I agree, you reporting her one time PROBABLY did not get her fired, but I also agree that in situations like these it is better, albeit harder, to go to the nurse that is offending you and discuss it with him/her first.

    Do you know for sure that she got fired? Someone may have chewed her out and upset her enough that she just decided to quit. Who knows?
  6. by   Otessa
    Quote from lovesthefullmoon
    I reported a coworker for her inappropriate behavior as a nurse. I expected her to maybe get suspended for a few days. When I went to work I found out the she was no longer an employee. I hate confrontation in general so it is making me very uncomfortable to have been in this situation.
    I'd bet that you were not the only reason she was fired.....just the last straw.

  7. by   Otessa
    Quote from lovesthefullmoon
    Cursing, talking sexually explicit, and just generally acting immature in front of patients and family members. She was embarrassing to be around.
    Sounds like she needed to GO!
  8. by   Tweety
    I'm sure it probably wasn't the first offense and you're not the first to have said anything. You did the right thing.
  9. by   mamamerlee
    ABout 8 years ago, while in a non-nursing position, I repeatedly asked a co-worker to tone down his behavior. I worked at a call center, and if we needed to make a personal call there was a bank of phones in a corner for us to use. While I was on a phone, he was on another, speaking loudly and crudely. This happened more than once, and I finally confronted him. Other people also asked him to knock it off. After the the third or fourth time I confronted him, I went to HR to make a 'hostile workplace' complaint. He worked there only one or two days more - when they investigated my complaint almost everyone agreed with me.
    I am an adult, and certainly enjoy adult-themed conversations in the appropriate place, but work is not one of those.
  10. by   mommiof2kids
    I emailed one of my team leaders about a coworker who was talking in patient care areas about very sexually explicit topics. It made me uncomfortable but I was mainly concerned about the patients (pedi) and their parents. All I asked was that she talk to him about it and remind him to not have conversations like that in patient care areas. Next thing I know, I'm being interviewed by HR and my manager. The HR person stated that the facility did not condone this type of harassment. Honestly, I didn't know that qualified as harassment. He did end up being terminated. One part of me felt guilty but the other part of me hoped that he learned from the situation. He had a history of talking about sexually explicit topics and I heard from others that they were uncomfortable. My motivating factor was the patients overhearing it. So, long story short, try not to feel guilty. Sometimes people just need a reminder about what is appropriate behavior. Hopefully she'll learn and will be successful in her next job.
  11. by   bluemorningglory
    I think that as long as one has the patients and team in mind when "telling on someone", then all is good. I am in an LNA class now and we have had the "When to report..." talk and our instructor basically told us to report the facts only and to stay away from extra commentary...
  12. by   berube
    you didnt get your coworker fired, she got herself fired for her actions!
  13. by   montinurse
    I don't condone "reporting". To me, it's like tattling. I would hope a fellow nurse would be able to talk to me (out of respect) in person before running to the nurse manager. Maybe this nurse had trouble "connecting" with everyone, or was frustrated by the stress of the day or the patient load. Someone's perception of someone else's actions can be far different from the reality of the situation. Especially a CNA who does not understand the responsibility of the nurse on any given day. I quit my med/surg position after 9 months bc of the stress and people tattling. I was tired of working 9 hours without a break, while watching all the people who loved to criticise every little thing I did take numerous smoke breaks, 15 minute breaks, training, etc. while I'm trying to learn and be the best possible RN I could be. Yes, this is somewhat of a vent for me-I feel better. Flame away if need be. You should ALWAYS TRY to put yourself in someone else's shoes before "reporting" them. That's a lesson to be learned in life. No one is perfect. There is a reason for everyone's actions!