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My grandmother in law is a resident at a local nursing home. My husband took my kids to see her today (I was at home with the baby). The nurse there took the cotton packing out of the top of a bottle of medicine she was opening... Read More

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    Sorry, but I just laughed at this. Woe to the nurse who was trying to make your son feel a little more at ease in what might have been a pretty scary place. People over-react over everything!

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    When I saw the title of this thread I was excited to read the contents. Until I saw someone complain about a nurse tickling a child with cotton. Really? Are you going to report to the medical board that your pediatrician didn't clean his/her stethoscope before listening to his lungs? Cotton from a medicine bottle is most likely not contaminated with anything at all. Chill.
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    I can see if she gave him a pill or something as if it were candy. It really isn't that serious. It makes me wonder what other "little" things you reported.
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    Wow, you wanting to potentially ruin the life of a nurse for that would be as rediculous as CPS investigating your husband for taking a toddler into an establishment where it is common for people to have communicable diseases that can be spread by touch/ close contact, i.e. pneumonia, shingles, MRSA, meningitis, ect.
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    Contact your attorney for options.
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    Wow! I think that nurse will be posting on the " I'm struggling with pts families" thread.
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    Quote from Ruas61
    Contact your attorney for options.
    The husband should have called 911 and had her arrested and the boy assessed by EMS. You can have her charged with assault, and if she smiled charged with lewd behavior
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    seriously???????????????? get a life.
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    Hilarious. I'm so glad I don't work with the OP.
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    So you call the BON.
    "hello, I would like to report a nurse, she assualted my son with a cotton ball!"
    "assualted? how so?"
    "well... it was more or less a tickle."
    Then there would be a long period of silence follwed by uncontrollable laughter.

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