I accidentally swallowed some dish washing soap

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    I was rinsing my cup out with some ajax soap.. (just a few drops)
    I didnt rinse the cup thoroughly..
    i filled the cup up with water, and drank it.
    I didnt realize that there were soap bubbles in my cup until i was already half way through drinking the entire cup..
    Please help..

    Do I need to go to the ER?
    Or do anything here at home to better the situation?
    Is the dishwashing soap going to damage my inside's?

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    Do the Dopey dance!
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    That small amount isn't likely to hurt you, and I think you're not too worried since you're HERE rather than calling someone...

    Back in the olden days if a child swore, sometimes they'd get their mouths washed out with soap, and other than being bubbly, they were ok...
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    I was waiting for someone to respond before I did...
    I had to fight the urge to type something smart-****....
    Last edit by Silverdragon102 on Mar 6, '09 : Reason: changed to all *****
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    I first wrote to drink a lot of fluid to dilute the bugger, but my funny side got the best of me ;=)
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    And your a ?????
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    Quote from Private Peds Nurse
    And your a ?????
    Not an MD, not an MD....only, this one's suds, safe suds OK>>>>>>>>
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    SSE, $4.95. Knowing where to put it? Priceless.
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    My kids survived when they "accidentally" swallowed some right after they said something NOT OK. Crazy how that happens :|
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