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I've been going to school on and off since I graduated high school in 2005. I finally finished all of my pre-req classes this last December at the community college. I also got my LPN in 2011. At the moment I am looking to get... Read More

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    $40K...BUT I didn't qualify for any aid except for Federal Student Loans - and I took out approximately $20K for living expenses - I have a family and couldn't do FT work and FT school as well as raise I took the easy way out...

    As for scholarships - because my husband makes more than minimum wage I got nuttin!

    the stupid part is that my first bachelors degree was paid for in full by my parents (20 years ago)- but I couldn't qualify for anything else because I have a bachelors already - that was in no way, shape or form financed by the government...and I only have an ADN - have to find a way to pay for my BSN - I have 30 credits to go!

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    Quote from SquishyLVN
    I borrowed for my first Bachelor's. Still owe about $13k since I've been deferring it since going back to school for nursing because everything to do with nursing (LVN, ADN, and soon my RN to BSN) I am paying completely out of pocket. So I'll owe nothing for my entire nursing education, but will be repaying the $13k I borrowed for the "college experience" :P

    This is me. Went to the state university right out of HS because that's what everyone did. Took random classes that interested me that didn't really count towards anything, didn't know what direction I wanted to take in life. Racked up 20k in student loan debt for 2.5 years of the "college experience", which wasn't that great by the way. Right around the time that I finally figured out that I wanted to be a nurse, my husband was transferred to the middle of nowhere. Luckily for me, their community college had a great nursing program and dirt cheap tuition. With scholarships and grants, I will get my 6-semester ADN for free. Still have to pay that 20k off though Wish I could go back in time and kick myself....
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    About 32k left. Without it I'd never had been able to graduate.

    A bit sad though, my first degree was paid for by working summers. That simply is not possible anymore. The cost for education is way, way out of line--the new economic bubble "student debt."

    My monthly payment is only $107/month, but that will change in a bit more than a year to double that. I really don't mind--as long as I still have a job. I did call SallieMae since I'm between jobs at the moment (unemployed) and they assure me that if the payment gets too burdensome I can change it to one that is income sensitive.

    Well, I hope to keep working for another 7 or more years so we'll see...
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    I can't believe, reading all these answers, that the Gov't seems to think the average student loan debt is $24k (or thereabouts). Do they not count all the private loans students take out because their dream school (or for-profit private school) is not covered by federal loans???
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    It pays to pick the right major after HS.
    If you wait till 40 there's a bit of sticker shock.

    Tuition History
    What was tuition at Duke University for the past five, ten, fifteen or twenty years? Looking at historical tuition increase rates may provide an indication as to expected increases in the future. Historical tuition and fees for all available data years back to 1987 follows.

    2010 - $38,741 Tuition and Fees. 3.9% Annual Increase
    2009 - $37,295 Tuition and Fees. 5% Annual Increase
    2008 - $35,512 Tuition and Fees. 4.6% Annual Increase
    2007 - $33,963 Tuition and Fees. 4.8% Annual Increase
    2006 - $32,409 Tuition and Fees. 5.5% Annual Increase
    2005 - $30,720 Tuition and Fees. 4.7% Annual Increase
    2004 - $29,345 Tuition and Fees. 5.4% Annual Increase
    2003 - $27,844 Tuition and Fees. 4% Annual Increase
    2002 - $26,768 Tuition and Fees. 4.4% Annual Increase
    2001 - $25,630 Tuition and Fees. 3.6% Annual Increase
    2000 - $24,751 Tuition and Fees. 3.7% Annual Increase
    1999 - $23,864 Tuition and Fees. 7.6% Annual Increase
    1998 - $22,173 Tuition and Fees. 5.5% Annual Increase
    1997 - $21,024 Tuition and Fees. 5.1% Annual Increase
    1996 - $19,996 Tuition and Fees. 4.8% Annual Increase
    1995 - $19,078 Tuition and Fees. 11.2% Annual Increase
    1994 - $17,163 Tuition and Fees. 5.7% Annual Increase
    1993 - $16,236 Tuition and Fees. 7.5% Annual Increase
    1992 - $15,102 Tuition and Fees. 6.8% Annual Increase
    1991 - $14,147 Tuition and Fees. 7.6% Annual Increase
    1990 - $13,148 Tuition and Fees. 20.4% Annual Increase
    1989 - $10,918 Tuition and Fees. 9.2% Annual Increase
    1988 - $10,000 Tuition and Fees. 8.9% Annual Increase
    1987 - $9,180 Tuition and Fees.
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    Paying out of pocket. No loans at the moment. In the 3rd year of a BSN program. Will probably need to take out a Federal Loan for about 10-15K before I'm finished.
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    I had around $90K in debt when I graduated 6 years ago. I have about $45K left.
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    $20k after my BSN. My bf went to the same school, different major and has over 85k (and this is after paying off about 15 already). It makes me nauseous to think about it.
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    0. I made the hospital that hired me pay for it.
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    For my ADN, I was able to get through with nothing owed. Used the Montgomery GI bill (thank you ARMY) and Pell Grant.

    I'm now in a RN-BSN program, looking at around $3000 a semester in federal loans with $2000 in a scholarship taken off and still have some small help with the Pell Grant.

    I also work for the VA, and am kicking myself I didn't apply for the tuition assistance when I was able because I was going for the bigger program that was offered and then denied. Oh well, I'll just have to re-apply in the fall. I'm hoping to come out of this with something like $5000 after I'm done with this program owed.

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