How long was it between graduation & landing a full time line?

  1. Hello all,

    I'm sooo gratefull/happy/relieved to have FINALLY landed a full time line. I graduated December 2010 and just got the call last week. It has been a whole year.

    Finding jobs has been brutal - I have some friends who don't even have a casual job - they took retail jobs as they continue to look. I was hired for a casual position in Feburary and have been applying to EVERY single position that was posted and it took ten months to get one. It certainly is not my first choice speciality wise - but I'm taking anything I can get. Can't be choosers in this market.

    How long did it take you? I'm talking about permanent full time line (I did temporary full time for about 3 months).
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  3. by   ICU_RN2
    Our area must be better job-wise than yours, as most of us easily found one prior to graduation in May 2010.

    Where are you located?
  4. by   ONCnursedd
    I also had a hard time finding an RN position after I graduated. It took about a year for me also. And its only a PRN position. No full time positions were available.
  5. by   LoveMyBugs
    It took about 9 months, but I am still looking for a full time job or at least a part time one with benefits.

    Graduated June 2010, got offered full time in a SNF January 2011, but never really got full time hours either I was off 4 days in a week or working 6 days straight. Got hired PRN/on call at a pediatric SNF/LTC, in August 2011 so transfered to a different SNF within the same company for 12 hour shifts so I could have more days available to the peds job.
    Now work 2 12's so I can have health benefits and work 2-3 days a week at the peds place

    I hate adult SNF, so I am applying to almost anything right now that offers benefits to get out of the adult SNF, I want to be able to keep the peds job in hopes that, that experience will make me marketable to a children's hospital
  6. by   Casey, RN
    I guess I got lucky. Our local hospital is in need of nurses and I was hired (in April) before graduation (in May) into the position I wanted. After reading a lot of posts on this forum, I feel very blessed. Most of my classmates were also hired either before graduation or shortly after.
  7. by   linsmirn
    The question is really how long it took you after you passed the nclex and became a registered nurse. I graduated in May but didnt take my nclex till the end of July and started looking for a job in August. I got my first job which was full time mid September, left it because I didnt like the environment and recently got hired by a hospital in Oct. So it took me 1 1/2 months to find a job. I grauduated in a class of 16, small class, everyone is working and got their jobs within a 1 to 2 months of getting their license, and 90% of them are working in hospitals. The director and dean of our school is very proud of our class.

    Its hard but its all about landing an interview and going in there prepared. I did all my research about the position and the hospital I was being interviewed for before I went in. I also called the nurse manager and explained how bad I wanted the position. This position like most was asking for experience but I got hired, the only new nurse out of the 4 RN's that got hired , even the techs have 10+ years experience. At times it can be intimidating but Im taking it one shift at a time

    Whenever there is a number always call and speak to the person instead of calling, it works. Know what position you are going in for and days before pick up a book and do some reviewing. Never go into an interview not prepared and not able to answer questions. Being a new nurse the interviewer knows you have no experience but you better have textbook knowledge.
  8. by   Meriwhen
    In 2009, it took me 3 months to get a paying job, but only 1 day to get a volunteer job

    The paying job was per-diem but I never had a problem picking up enough shifts to equal full-time--in fact I'd constantly field calls asking if I wanted to come in and work extra. I didn't need benefits so the arrangement was fine by me. I changed from per diem to permanent staff a year later, though I could have stayed per diem if I wanted. But they made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
  9. by   Orange Tree
    I was offered a full time position a few days after I started looking. And I feel very fortunate to live in the area that I do (even though it's in Texas).
  10. by   MPKH
    It took me three months after passing the licencing exam to have a full time line.
  11. by   MN-Nurse
    Quote from Florence NightinFAIL
    How long did it take you? I'm talking about permanent full time line (I did temporary full time for about 3 months).
    Took NCLEX June 7, 2011. Job offer June 17th, 2011.
  12. by   Do-over
    I took me 6 weeks after I got my license. I already worked at the hospital, and was able to continue working as an aide, at least. I also knew my manager was working to get me a position on her floor or another in the hospital so I was somewhat content to wait it out.
  13. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    1 Week, Actually I should rephrase that. I had my interview 1 week to the day and I got the offer on that job the next week. It was the only interview I went on. I recently got another interview for a dept. I really wanted in a different hospital and I got an offer on that job a few days after that.

    I graduated in May.
  14. by   rachel33138
    Hi I live in Miami, it took me about 3 months. Most of my classmates who had scholarships had a job immediately after graduation.