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Hi all! I have never wanted anything more in my life than to become a nurse. I look up to all of you & I have nothing but respect for nurses. What a great profession to be in! It's seriously my dream, I think about it... Read More

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    I've gained weight because I'm too tired to exercise after work and most of my meals are junk food out of machine.
    I don't do much with my life because all I can do on my day off is sleep.
    My house is a mess because all I can do on my day off is sleep.
    I find it harder to get hours at my part-time job because of the variable nursing schedule.

    On the plus side I know that I'm doing something worthwhile with my life.
    I enjoy being with most of my patients.
    When I leave work I don't have to take it home with me like in my old job.
    My experience as a nurse makes me a better paramedic.
    I get to go to work in scrubs that are as comfortable as pajamas.
    Haven't bought any clothes other than T shirts and Jeans in years.

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    I would like to say that I have mainly positive things to say about nursing; however, I have only been in practice for a year so perhaps my views will change as I become more experienced.

    * I love my co-workers! I work straight nights (weekender & 1 day during the week) on med/surg/tele internal medicine floor and our team is so cohesive, everyone is a team player!

    * I have been able to pay off debts because of increase of income and go on vacations, as well as saving up for retirement.

    * I have learned so much in this first year, and I thirst to learn more!!!

    * I have time during the week that if I want to sleep, I can sleep. But I also have time to go to the gym and visit with friends/family.

    * Health care benefits are nice to have, I couldn't imagine not having them!

    * The sense of being dutiful and being able to make a difference in even one person's life.

    Of course there are negatives to every job, I guess I'd have to say difference in personalities of the patients is a big many people think they are in the hospital and that you as the nurse or nursing assistant OWE THEM something! These are the people you need to set boundaries with and stick to it or they will eat up your staff alive! A little one-on-one chit-chat can really do wonders!
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    Since nursing school, I've been getting worse and worse. I feel like I've burnt out, even before I begin. I have less patience with anything and anyone. In clinicals and at work, it feels like I'm running away from the dragon for 8 or 12 hours at a time. At home, I'm just so effing tired to do anything. I've been fighting more with my mother, who thinks I've sold out my soul by getting this other job I have. I hate myself everyday. I see the nurses, and very few of them actually make an impact on patients' lives and are appreciated for it. Many patients don't care because they are not that grateful, or they are too sick to care, and won't get better. Too many tasks to complete under the fear that you will get fired and/or lose your license. Too many tasks to complete under the fear of your hospital losing funding, which is already tight. I have some preconceptions that certain areas might be better than med-surg, but I don't know now. I hope it gets better when I actually start my career. Otherwise it will be curtains soon.

    So tired.
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    I've been married 3 years yet for the past 3 months, it is the first time hubby and I are living in the same state! I could never get a job in my first career where he was (no MF programming there and he is active duty).
    I love my hospital and my coworkers. Most of our patients are back surgery and are thankful for the care they get and most go home the day after surgery.
    I work 3 days a week so it feels like a PT job!
    For the first time in 18 yrs, I am not worried about my company sending my job to India!
    Pay is 1/2 of what I used to make. I can just pay my bills and nothing more.
    Work nights, so I sleep during the day. Since I am HOH, noise is not an issue, but I get off, stay up an hour, sleep, get up and go to work. Ugh.
    FF's and PIA patients. Looking at that mordibly obese pt with bilateral AKA, sicker than a dog and could you do this to yourself! Family who think it is ok to keep that 98 yo, demented, TF, non-responsive pt on Full Code!
    Not always having the same schedule! Working holidays and weekends.
    Constantly having to take classes. In IT you pretty much learn your job, become an expert and classes are a rarity! Also, the PIA of having to renew your BLS and ACLS. Having to pay $ to keep license current.

    It is what it is. Financially secure? No, but not suffering either. Going for my MSN in informatics to get my pay back up close to where it was.
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    I have learned that the world is full of lies, and that health care is one big scam.
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    Nursing. hmm. It has its pros but it has it's many cons.
    As much as you want to think and believe that you are helping people and that is all that matters, that is requiring you to neglect the fact that you are not taken into account by your employers.

    I have learned that we take on so much! not just the illness, or whatever brought them there, but their family, their personal lives, and EVERYTHING. If a family have commication issues and they don't get along, but need or want to be active in the patient's care, you have to be the mediator. If your patient was abused, you have to be the emotionally strong one to keep them up, if you have someone who is mad at the world, you have to get through all their negative emotions, to simply care for them.

    Ill admit, im in my early 20's and still growing up and having to deal with people's personal problems to care for them is a heavy load on me. Especially when they are old enough to be my parents, Nursing is not simply giving medications and providing acute care or whatso it be, you literally are caring for a person as a whole. their beliefs, their wants, they needs everything. Im drained.

    I have just been doing alot of "tough military spiritual learning" to grow up quicker to be able to understand why some of these patients are the way they are, and how I need to respond so everyone wins.

    It may not change you in the beginning, but you may find yourself conditioned in a way that you had no choice to become. You just have to or not. and I am not. I wont work like a machine, just to pay my bills. I am seeking my breakthrough, whatever that is. I see so many nurses who HATE everything about their job but have been doing it for 20 + years? wow.

    Ofcourse, nursing has it's Pro's, financially, and learning that people have it out there worse, health wise.
    ..but the politics of nursing, is by far draining.
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    I get awesome pay checks.

    I lose faith more than I gain it in humanity daily.

    I've helped people come into and leave this world.

    I can shut emotion off just by stepping into a different room.
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    Nursing has stolen some of my empathy, and I miss the time when things used to make me scared or happy or sad. Now I'm a little desensitized. However I love nursing and I would never change professions.
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    It has changed my personality, and not in a good way. I used to be friendly and outgoing. Being a new nurse and getting treated like dirt by everyone (doctors, other staff members, family members of patients, etc) makes you grow more backbone. It gives you sharper edges. Being surrounded by cattiness and back stabbing makes you more alert and keep more to yourself. I have seen many new nurses on my floor get eaten I keep to myself and fly under the radar. I am more cynical and a lot less caring in general. I am actually leaning more toward anti social. I have lost my faith in humanity. I no longer enjoy working with people. I no longer want to be around the general public at all even on my days off. I suspect night shift has something to do with this as well. Being tired all the time makes you more prone to crabbiness. I just want to be home with my family!
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    Many ways both good and bad. When I started in my early twenties, I was so innocent and sweet. Boy, have I changed. In a few years I became assertive and spoke up to managers, supervisors, and doctors. I got tired of being walked all over and humiliated. I spoke to patients. Let them know I'm not a carpet.

    Even though it's hard earn money, it allowed me to travel, switch jobs numerous times, meet interesting people, learn about different cultures. I mean I walk into a room and almost all the time I get instant respect from patients and families. I'm a beacon of hope, the only person who listens, who made the person in the bed laugh...

    On a more personal level, I was able to escape a very abusive situation. I was able to earn enough money to get an apartment quickly. All that and many more to nursing.

    However, some of the most downright traumatizing situations in my life is due to nursing. It comes from administration, doctors, other fellow nurses and so forth. I take the good with the bad.

    Although I can't say it's my passion, I ALWAYS try to do very best at caring for my patients. I am fiercely grateful for all the experiences I have had. It's help to shape me into the woman that I am today, which I am proud of : )

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