How do you pronounce "centimeter" ???

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    Not a big deal but something that bothers me. I run into a lot of nurses who pronounce the word centimeter as sontimeter.
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    I say "cent", but I've also heard "sont". Me, I don't care as long as I know what they meant.....tomAto, tomAHto!
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    Cent ih meter. Son eh meter is silly unless you're French.
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    That's funny. I say "cent." When I first became a nurse, a LOT of people said "sont." It took me a couple of times to get what they were talking about, and it bugs me still today. I thought it was a regional thing. :-)
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    I also pronounce it "cent." It annoys me slightly when I hear it pronounced as "sont" just sounds a bit pretentious to me.
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    See Emms.
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    I never heard the "sont" pronunciation until I was in nsg school. We had to ask our professor what she was talking about. It still annoys the he!1 out of me. Is it just a nursing thing??
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    Depends who I'm talking to

    If I'm talking to English staff it's cent-ti-meter, if it's the French staff it's 'son'timetre
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    lol, proper pronunciation is definitely cent as in "sent," but it's a regional thing as someone mentioned. When I first heard it that way, it took me a second to know what they were talking about. I'm like, okay, sont...sonar, where are the dolphins? lol
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