Hospital ER relocates and treats patients to next door coffee shop (Tim Hortons)

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    Check this out! This is the equivalent of sending ER patients temporarily to be treated in Dunkin Donuts (Tim Hortons is Canada's version of Starbucks, etc). Lots of press about this one...

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    Been to Tim Hortons in Maine. Much better than Starbucks! Great prices too. My dream ER would be next door to a Tim Hortons! Thanks for the post. Here in Texas we've mostly got Dunkin Donuts which is OK as far as it goes. I get really tired of teaching the staff how to prepare that New England delicacy known as "iced coffee." Seriously.
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    I don't see a problem with the location. According to the article, the restaurant was inside the hospital, not "next door" as your title suggests.

    The story should focus on how overcrowded the hospital is, not where the overflow was located. Many hospitals, mine included, have a policy to triage in the cafeteria in case of extreme overflow. It's the probably largest open area available inside the hospital.

    The medical staff was doing what had to be done. What was the alternative? Triage in the streets?
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    I'd be more concerned that my coffee might be contaminated.
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    You have to read the article carefully. It wasn't "next door" to the hospital. it was a seating area for the coffee shop located inside the hospital, next to the ER. It was closed for the night and they used the seating area for overflow.
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    I'm not sure why it's so upsetting to be treated in a Tim Horton's except for the fact that this one was closed. A nice cup of coffee while you're waiting for the doctor sounds a treat to me! I'd be more upset about the fact that the hospital doesn't have enough beds than about the fact that people were being treated in the only available space.
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    There are Tim Horton's here in Michigan too. Would this story be less weird if they set up the temp. triage inside of a pharmacy or gift shop?
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    I've been in that Timmy's many times as I did a couple of clinical rotations at that hospital. It is literally the room next to the ER.

    In the article cited, the "daughter of a woman... says the doughnut counter may not have been the most hygienic location" however, in The Province article on this subject it was stated that the area was cleaned before and after it was used. Take out the tables, put in some screens and its better than being in a hallway, getting stared at by all the people walking past!
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    Any coffee shop next to an ED would make a killing - especially a 24/7 one!
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    I don't see the problem, they staff used what they had available to take care of the people that needed care. It says in the article people were moved in 3hrs so whats the problem. People always looking for something to complain about.

    Anyway, 99% of 30 or so ER's (was a travel nurse for 9yrs) I've worked at the patients treat it like a restaurant, and I'm just the waiter. "I need something for pain and a lunch box" "when do you serve dinner?" "I need a soda"
    Hi, welcome to_____ ER would you like to see our dinner menu and our narcotic menu? I highly recommend the Ham and Swiss sandwich with Dilaudid and Zofran on the side and for a desert how about the chocolate pudding with a topping of ativan sprinkles?
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