Hooray and Thank Yous!!!

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    I just finished nursing school!!!
    Just waiting to take the boards...
    I just wanted to say I couldn't do it without this site!
    (Well... maybe I could have but members on this site have definitely helped me over the years!)

    Many of you gave me strength to continue after my mothers death,
    even though sometimes I thought I had nothing left.
    I received guidance when I needed it most

    (and of course I reallllly appreciated the help with care plans!!!)

    I started this journey 10 years ago as a nursing assistant when I was in high school.
    I worked my way through 7 years of school, I didn't do it the right way... but I did it my way. (pardon the Frank Sinatra lyrics) And I know that my education is just beginning. As my cousin said to me yesterday, here comes the hard part... being a nurse! I look forward to a long career (hopefully) of doing what I love.

    Even if I didn't always post... I read ALOT.
    This has been my quick reference and my resource to read real nurses' opinions, many of whom have been nurses for years, are nurses from different backgrounds, from every specialties, with all kinds of experiences.

    LPNs, ADNs, BSNs, Masters and Doctorate prepared nurses
    I just need to say
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
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    Wow I'm a dummy and totally put this topic under articles instead of just general nursing. I'll try to figure out how to move it/delete it!
    Lo Siento!
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    Congratulations!!! I absolutely love your post for itemizing what you learned and experienced on this site, because I have experienced the same things myself!

    Wishes for the very best results on your NCLEX and your new future as a working nurse!

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    Moved to General nursing forum

    Congratulations and all the best in your career
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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    Moved to General nursing forum

    Congratulations and all the best in your career
    Congratulations! On finishing nursing school
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    Congratulations! Your journey is just beginning, don't forget to have fun along the way.
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    Congrats! Such an accomplishment. Take a small breather than it's back to the books and question banks. Your long ride is almost over, then you will be done with boards.

    A new road will be in front of you as you start your nursing career. Such an exciting time. I am glad you found this site to be one of encouragement and strength.
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us.
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    Wow!! Congrats to you Ms. Lady... You inspire me, although I have my own crazy story to tell. Don't we all have one.. But what really matters is the end result, getting that BSN.
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    All the best to you!! Many Congrats!!

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