And the hits just keep on coming!!

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    Don't you love it when you've had several near perfect shifts & correctly predict that the mother of all shifts is about to kick your ***?

    Yeah, me neither.
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    Yup, happened to me last night!
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    Love it!
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    Virtual (((HUG))) hate those days
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    So true! If two shifts in a row are ok, the next three will suck huge!
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    haven't had any ok shifts in WEEKS! Summer is rough!
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    "Sometimes it's roses, sometimes it's weeds, sometime it's a b****, sometimes it's a BREEZE". -Stevie Nicks
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    Hated those days working in the hospital. You often knew it was coming after several shifts in a row... I'd get off the train thinking "I'm in trouble, this kid's gonna crump on me tonight." And then by midnight I'd be running to a stat CT and by 4am, I'd be running to the OR.

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