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  1. Some people make a claim that just by 'having' inurance that you are more apt to be sued by money grubbers looking to make a buck.
  2. mlbluvr

    Extremely Overweight Nurses

    And I forgot the saliva test to check for nicotine!
  3. mlbluvr

    Extremely Overweight Nurses

    (IS not us)
  4. mlbluvr

    Extremely Overweight Nurses

    Penn State us requiring all employees to submit to blood testing, BMI testing, and other things, and requiring the completion of an online health assessment for non union employees. Based on weight, etc. they will have to start a weight loss program, or pay more for insurance. Here it comes...
  5. mlbluvr

    Why do hospitals hire travellers?

    Another source people may not be aware of is vrbo.com I use it for road trips, etc. When I use them I always offer the owners a ridiculous low ball offer , and so far have always found furnished places at less than half the asking price, when it's off season. Just signed up for two months in fact, in a furnished condo, HSI and all utilities, 5 pools, 8 spas, tennis, gated, etc. for a smooth $700/month. It's cheaper than staying HOME! Even cheaper than a Motel 6.
  6. mlbluvr

    Why do hospitals hire travellers?

    You REMEMBER when credit card interest and etc. was tax deductible? You must be at least as old as I am...
  7. mlbluvr

    Why do hospitals hire travellers?

    Expensive= staff pay, agency takes a cut, etc. Sounds expensive, but the curve in here seems to be more like it's a cheaper alternative for the hospitals. Interesting. But like that 400 bed SNF I was in, all agency- there must be more to it than meets the eye, else they'd close real quick. Another thought is that the hospital may have access to unkown tax benefits they can claim for needing travelling staff, or agency staff, versus 'regular' staff?
  8. mlbluvr

    California licensing with a DUI

    "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending". -Maria Robinson (Although this is untrue for nurses in regard to licensure, etc.- it's useful for other aspects of life).
  9. mlbluvr

    EHRs and accessibility

    There are all kinds of ways everyone, not only the disabled, can access EHRs. Touch screens. Wands. Voice recognition software. To name a few.
  10. mlbluvr

    Why do hospitals hire travellers?

    Pray tell also, where I even 'remotely' said you were getting rich, or 'remotely' indicated you were paid too much? I said it's expensive, or I thought so, to PAY THE COST for traveling nurses. If anyone gets rich, I'm sure it's the agency owners.
  11. mlbluvr

    Why do hospitals hire travellers?

    Interesting take. I agree that it is regressive- it's welfare for the rich, who bemoan the poor receiving 'welfare'.
  12. mlbluvr

    Why do hospitals hire travellers?

    Why would I want to antagonize you? Where is that coming from? I asked a question, and am getting great information. There seems to be some angry people in this forum. Please tell me where I said you were lazy, overpaid, or anything? But AGAIN, despite your hostility as well, you also gave me new insight- who would ever think your contract could be cancelled, on top of the other risks and stresses? And like I said before, nobody is forcing you to reply to my question. And again, I see I'm not the only one who was curious about this line of work. Eegads. But the result is that my perception is totally unlike what I had thought- the more I hear about travelers, the less appealing it sounds to me. You have to admit though that the publicity about it is geared to appear glamorous.
  13. mlbluvr

    HIPAA regulation - audit of activity in patient records?

    Indefinitely and forever. More seemingly osbcure digitized information is being kept in ever larger memory banks. Safe to assume your every keystroke, anywhere, ever, will be permanently affixed somewhere. Why- did you take a peek at something that has you sleepless at night... ?
  14. mlbluvr

    Bringing kids to work?

    Why isn't there a daycare center in every elementary school in America- is that too logical? Property taxes already pay for schools, why not also pay daycare?