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Hi, I am still a student and was wondering what the highest paid nursing area is. Like my friend says that Dialysis is one of the highest. Anyone have an idea I m just lost on what area to start at. Thanks.... Read More

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    Quote from candijunkie
    Obviously people go to school to get better salaries. I was just saying that it seemed like thats all she cared about. I myself decided not to be a baby machine so I can't relate to whole supporting the family thing.

    You get all that from one question that the OP asked? Baby machine? Your moniker is candijunkie.
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    Quote from NoeIssa
    Thanks for all the info you guys! Thanks for backin me up. Im really not trying to seem like Im money hungry but money is what puts my childrens food on the table. Money is buying the healthier food than just unhealthy cheap food. Money is being able to afford that organic milk(that I like to give my kids but too expensive) Anyways, Im just trying to see what area would be smartest to start with money wise,being I have no preference at the moment. Thank you all.
    You don't have to explain anything to us on here. Just have a good life and make as much as you can for your children. A simple question doesn't deserve lectures from anyone.
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    As far as I can tell it's not a particular field that is the highest paying, but a combination of the right location and organization. In my experience all nurses with the same experience get paid the same in a particular organization. For example one place where I currently work a flight nurse gets paid exactly the same as a rehab or med-surg nurse if they have similar number of years of service.
    I searched long and hard to find my current situation. I wanted to make well over $100K (not counting OT) and I wanted to live in a reasonable cost of living area. I also wanted a fun (for me) job with lots of autonomy. I looked into many organizations, states and cities. Here is what I found. The higest paid areas is the Bay area of California and San Jose area of Ca. However the Bay area didn't fit into my reasonable cost of living requirment. Another very high paying option was the California Department of Corrections. they start new grads out at $90-$100K with potential to make a LOT more and with their many locations could fit the reasonable cost of living. However corrections wouldn't be a fun job (for me) providing autonomy.
    After a lot of searching I discovered certain areas of the upper mid west (MN in the Twin Cities area and Madison WI) and the particular organization I work for now. I am a full time rapid response nurse in a medium sized hospital. That's the fun part. The cost of living here is very reasonable. After a little over 2 years with this organization I am making well over $100K without doing OT. After 5-10 years I expect to be making over $120K not counting OT. As a bonus the nursing schools in Wisconsin are very veteran friendly and bent over backwards to help me get my RN license.
    For me a long cold winter wasn't a disqualifier. It may be for others.
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    I managed a $24,000 increase in yearly salary by switching to acute care psych. Psych nurses make more in my area. What's interesting is that my psych job is 1/4 of the work load and stress that my previous job was in corrections.

    It just goes to show that salary and earnings are about supply v. demand and not necessarily about responsibility and workload demands.
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