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  1. hopeful_27

    No Wait List Nursing Programs....HELP

    Yes they sure are =)
  2. hopeful_27

    No Wait List Nursing Programs....HELP

    Southern Nazerrene University- Oklahoma Oklahoma City University- Oklahoma Chamberlain College of Nursing Western Governor University
  3. hopeful_27

    Major in Fashion Design and then go to Med School?

    Hi Mel, I agree with the other poster in regards to double majoring. Become a fashion designer but if it doesn't pan out you will have another degree to fall back on. By the way, I read Klone's post, she/he was giving you great advice and I didn't see anything belittling. I know working as a CNA is really hard work but same goes to a nurse. We do the same as your job duties and more. As for calling yourself a nurse, you're a CNA, not a nurse. For example a dental assistant is not a dentist or a medical asst is not a doctor. I hope you get what I'm trying to say. I do wish you luck in your future endeavors. Cheers!
  4. I'll try to help. Positions: Supine, Lateral, Prone, Knee to chest, lithotomy, fetal, Sims... that's all I can think of on top of my head. ( Your Fundamentals of Nursing Book has lots of them) Eyes: Snellan Chart - to check their vision Ophthalmoscope- to check for red reflex, PERRLA Ears: Tuning Fork for Weber Test and Rinne Test Otoscope to look into the ear canal Tools for taking vitals: Stethoscope Blood pressure cuff To check temperature: You can use- Oral digital thermometer, tympanic ( ear) thermometer, temporal thermometer To check the pulse, no tools needed or you can use a pulse oximetry Respiration: You count the number of breath the make by watching their chest move. If you have a problem by just looking, put your hand on their chest and feel their chest rise. I know I'm probably missing alot of things that you are asking, hopefully someone else will chime in. Good Luck with your presentation
  5. hopeful_27

    How did/do you pay for nursing school?

    For my 2 year tuition in school with books, equipments, and uniform would be ~$ 65,000. Living cost ( moved out of state)/food/gas ~$ 25,000 Totaling a grand whopping: ~ $ 90,000 How did I pay? -Maxed out my federal student loan - Maxed out Private Loans - After maxing everything out, I had to borrow more from my relative. When I get a job, I will barely be scraping by. Think I will be eating ramen for a long long time.
  6. hopeful_27

    Highest paid nursing field?

    Sorry for resurrecting this old thread but I am curious as to know as well what is the highest paying field for nurses? I see that OR, dialysis, and skilled nursing is the top three from two years ago but is it still currently the same? I know this may bother some for my asking so I am going to apologize in advance for that! Sorry! I just graduated from nursing school this past May and my loans are about $90,000 from tuition, uniform, books, and living expense. I am in desperate need of finding a job that will pay well later on because of this. I know as a new grad you get base pay but need to know what's good in the long run?
  7. hopeful_27

    How to fail clinical

    Another one to add: Do not fall asleep while at clinical!
  8. Hi! Try DosageHelp.com - Helping Nursing Students Learn Dosage Calculations
  9. hopeful_27

    75 Questions and good pop-up...I hope it really works.

  10. hopeful_27

    stop at 75 , dont know failed or passed

    Try the PVT trick, it works everytime!Good luck!
  11. hopeful_27

    FINALLY: NCLEX Today ... 75Q and Good Popup!

    YAY!! Congrats!
  12. hopeful_27

    NCLEX-PN today - 85Q and the good pop up

    Yup if it doesn't take you to the credit card screen you passed!!! Time to celebrate! Congratulations!
  13. Congratulations!
  14. hopeful_27

    finished with 169 questions

  15. hopeful_27

    4th and Final:)

    So Happy for you!!!! Time to celebrate!
  16. hopeful_27

    Oklahoma City University's Fall 2010 Acceptance?

    Thank you so much future nurse! I'll be seeing you in August =)