HEY CNA'S THIS IS FOR YOU ONLY...Sorry everybody else HEY CNA'S THIS IS FOR YOU ONLY...Sorry everybody else | allnurses

HEY CNA'S THIS IS FOR YOU ONLY...Sorry everybody else

  1. 0 So I saw a page where all these RN's were posting how much they make well CNA's.....lets represent and tell our pay also...lol

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    i think it depends on where they live, what area they work in and how long they have been a CNA.
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    I made 16.08 an hr at my last cna job!!!
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    If you wander over to the CNA board under the Students tab there are several threads about CNA wages if you look around a bit.
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    I'm taking a CNA class in a few weeks and I would like to know too.....specifically in Pennsylvania...Allentown/Reading area. Thanksss
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    Florida - $9 an hour to $12 an hour, working for a home health care temporary agency. $12 an hour is only for one hour bath visits or REALLY difficult patients.
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    In Florida (Pinellas County) as a new CNA $10 -11.75 but if you only want to work weekends it's $15.25 at least where I am it is....
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    $17.00 with an agency in Denver, Colorado. Last place I worked as a staff CNA was $16.50. I don't think I will ever see that again though. I think I'm maxed out..
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    Can you please tell me which agency this is? I am currently looking, and live in the Southern Metro Region of Denver. Any hints for who is hiring- facilities or agencies? PM me!

    Back to the topic at hand. I make $12.50-13.50 for assisted living in Denver, depending on the shift. I am getting very, very few hours. My last check was a whopping $40.00!
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    yes, this is great.
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    $12.50/hr That was in Virginia.
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    Not enough!
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