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Help...Resuscitation needed

  1. 0 I just looked at my 401 k from work. After today it needs to be resuscitated. What ACLS algorhythm do we use here.
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    Amen to that I'm thinking of shifting all of my investments into liquor stocks...bacardi anyone? After looking at my investments I think I need a drink:chuckle
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    Mojitos for everyone
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    I peeked this week and just about cried. I had always planned to work until I was 70, now heck, I'll be working forever!
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    At least until we die. Drinks are on me.
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    Maybe we should invest in the 401 keg instead.
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    Quote from Dorito
    Maybe we should invest in the 401 keg instead.
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    I lost 3k from mine. My mom lost 23k from her's. This sucks.
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    I lost almost $40,000. Yesterday I rolled most my $$ into a 4 yr. cd paying 5%. Wished I'd done that on Monday...even better a week ago!

    What will be my share to buy into that 401keg?
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    I think I'm going to put less money in my 403b and more into my high yield money market account at the bank. Maybe if I just stuff a couple hundred bucks into an envelope and shove it under my mattress, that would work better.

    To me, this is just the beginning. I don't things are going to get better anytime soon and no matter who gets elected.
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    I feel like my $$$ couldn't have disappered faster...except by running it through the garbage disposal first.
    I put mine in a 4 yr cd as I figured this was not going to be a quick recovery. Time will tell.
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    Gold, precious metals and .... property.

    Yes, property. Owning land is never a bad investment.

    You may not make a killing - but what you have will always hold "true value". It is stable and retains value - contrary to the fluctuations in the currency market and inflation.

    Currency depreciates. Hard assets don't.

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    I plan on retiring 3 days after I die....