Help! I really messed up and don't know what to do

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    I just started working Home Health prn and today was my first day alone. Last week I drove around with a couple of nurses. Since I am not quite organized yet and don't have my groove down, I wrote my vitals and scratch notes on a small tablet and carried it around with me. I think I left this notepad at my last patient's house because I cannot find it!! It had two other patient names on it, but no other info such as dob, etc, and the names were common... I can't believe I did this and am so worried now about the consequences... what do I do?? I can't sleep.. so worried about this
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    I would go back to that last patient's house and see.
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    just call or go back to that pts house and see if its there? i dont think you would get in much trouble, its a simple mistake.
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    First, try and find it without alot of attention ie telling everyone u work with. From this pt forward develop a code system along with only using intitials for names and other identifying information. To me Mark Johnson is WK. I invert the M and use the next letter in the alphabet for the Last Name. For social security numbers or telephone numbers I change 4 to 8 or 8 to 4, 05 to 10, 10 to 05, etc..... Just change 2 to 3 variables and be consistent and not too complicated. Remember KISS, Keep It Simple Silly! Welcome to the world of be Human. It happens to all of us. That's how I learned. Good Luck. Stay Safe.
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    I would just call the last patient and ask if you left your note book there, then go get it. I do home health too. They probably don't have any interest in what is in your note book. Don't worry. It was a simple mitake.
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    You should go back the Pt. or calling hem, and ask hem about your notepad, but be relax, its not a big deal, its simple...

    in god welling...
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    You need moments like this to learn to be careful. Don't let this get you down. Learn and move on!
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    Critical thinking 101! 1st thing you should have done was go back to the patient's house that you think you left the table at and check!
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    Thanks everyone! Really appreciate all of the responses and those from Facebook. When I realized my notepad was not in my bag, it was too late to call the patient or go back by the home. The next morning I did call and was able to retrieve my notepad without difficulty. Lesson learned and I won't be doing that ever again!! Thnx
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    You posted this question on facebook? EEk, I wouldn't do that my friend.
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