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Help! Do I have to do this?

  1. 0 My unit has two RN staff on day shift, one with a pt assignment and one in-charge. Today my unit's regular charge nurse phoned me asking if I could take a shift for her. I accepted under the impression that I would work the floor and the other RN who is on that day, who is very experienced and often works as charge on eves, weekends etc would be in charge instead.

    In the elevator today I happened to run into my manager who wants me to be charge that day because "it's a good time to learn when you have me, the clerk, and the other RN for backup". My manager will probably be at meetings all day and won't be there for support and the experienced RN will be too busy to help since she has an assignment.

    I am a new grad RN with only seven months experience. I have done charge on evenings on the weekends a few times but basically feel like i'm going to sink as charge on days of a 40 bed unit during the week. Basically, I know my limitations and I know I wouldn't be able to handle her job during the weekday.

    So can I refuse? I was just trying to help by picking up a shift but now I don't even want to go in at all. help!
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    I think you can do it.As your manager pointed out there will be the other RN and the unit clerk for support. New RNs on my floor orient to charge nurse after about 3 months.I don't think they would give you this shot if they didn't have confidence in your abilities.You are likely underestimating yourself.I don't blame you for being nervous but that's the way it goes with trying new things.

    Take a breathe and dive in. The water will be fine once you get used to it.

    Best of luck and let us know how it goes.
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    I'll be the devil's advocate - you take the shift thinking you're doing them a favor, and they stick it to 'ya. Welcome to nursing!
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    Been there, done that. It's daunting but you know what? They asked you because they thought you were ready for it. Trust their judgment-- they've seen a lot of new grads come through and they know what they have in you.

    Read up a little on leadership, always be open to any new experience anyone ever offers you, and have a great time!
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    I just walked in one day when I had been an RN for about a year and looked at the assignment, and where is my name? Oh, up at the top in the charge slot. Okeee. It went okay and it will for you too. Now's as good of time as any.
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    Quote from blondy2061h
    I just walked in one day when I had been an RN for about a year and looked at the assignment, and where is my name? Oh, up at the top in the charge slot. Okeee. It went okay and it will for you too. Now's as good of time as any.
    Yep, I remember the first time that happened to me too.
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    At least you had seven months...they threw me in as charge after a few weeks. Mind you, it was daunting...and I had (and still have) no problem screaming for help, but I survived. Every time afterwards, it'd get a bit easier. And to be honest, I learned a lot more about the job by actually doing it than by just watching and observing.

    They have faith in you, so have some faith in yourself. No, it probably won't be a perfect shift, so learn from what mistakes you do make. And DEFINITELY do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it...and it doesn't necessarily have to be help only from the other RN. Because you'd be surprised who'd be able to help you out and how much.

    Good luck!
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    Next time if you get asked to pick up, I would clarify your assignment. If people at my work pick up they say, "I'll do it if I get to work X part of the building."
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    I reported to my first day of my first job at a hospital...3-11. I was greeted by the supervisor telling me I was in charge. Hello...first job.....first day???? She told me I was the one with the RN after my name and she was sure I could handle it. I survived and more importantly, all the patients did too.That was 30 years ago.
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    At least it was your own unit! When I did med-surg, they floated me to another unit and put me in charge of the new grads and travel that time, I had about 6 months more experience more than the new grads and the travel nurses had 20 yr experience...welcome to nursing!
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    I was charge the first night off of orientation at my per diem job. Scurrrry.