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    Ever get dumped on so bad you're almost afraid what your next shift has in store for you? I'm fresh off orientation, and let me tell you...the charge nurse didn't hold back giving me one of the worst assignments in the house on my 1st noc off orientation.

    What is it called?...baptism by fire? I held my own, but I was steaming inside. I want to show I can handle the work, but I don't want anyone to think they can dump any and everything on me.
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    Boy, do I feel for you! What you're describing is a VERY common experience, and one not likely to change anytime soon.

    Whether you actually got dumped on, or whether you THINK you got dumped on aren't always the same thing. And then there's the third category: you got dumped on because there was a worse nightmare happening elsewhere on the unit and you had to carry more than you (otherwise) should have.

    As a former charge nurse (ah, days I don't think of fondly) I remember having newbies screaming "I won't take that such and such patient" or "It's not fair that you gave me blanky blank" when the reality was if they didn't take the currently-offered nightmare, I knew a worse scenario lay ahead---and I was actually SAVING them from the worse fate! Not that they could see that, BECAUSE they were so new. Tunnel vision, only saw their own assignments, didn't consider what else was on the plate for the other nurses and what was ready to come up from the ER or down from ICU.

    All I'm saying is, there might be more to the picture than you know.....or, if it's just a pure-and-simple case of "you got dumped on", know that it happens to everyone at some time or another. What to do about it? Carry on as best you can....and if a REASONABLE opportunity exists to ask the charge about how the assignments are made later (and without sounding whiny), then go for it.

    Meantime....I really do feel for ya.
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    You think got dumped on?

    Maybe it was just YOUR TURN.

    It's not always about you.
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    Everyone has a perspective on their own situation. For some nurses I knew "dumped on" meant more than one isolation patient, for others it mean more than one PCA.

    I am not sure what feels rough for you and what doesn't. There were days when I would walk in and get a team of four and have a horrible night, while other days I would have seven and everything would be ok. Sometimes charge nurses don't know exactly how the shift will pan out, so sometimes you have to take an assignment with a grain of salt. What I would be more concerned with would be a pattern of difficult teams. If you find more shifts than not you are getting a heavy assignment it might be worth talking to your CN. Sometimes people overestimate your abilities or don't estimate them at all. If you respectfully bring it to their attention you may find they never intended to overload you at all.

    I have definitely seen CN's bring down the hammer on a NG and state it clearly to others. I have also seen them do it to float nurses.

    Just take a breath, manage what you can, ask for help, and if it seems like a pattern bring it to someone's attention.

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    My shift started getting report from ER about the nightmare that they were sending up, and that's why it was so terrible. I also like your 3rd category and that's probably what happened. Having to carry a heavier load, with no preceptor asking me if I needed them to do something so they weren't bored to tears. Having to hit the floor running on 3rd shift just feels odd. I grew used to that when orienting on days.

    Great input! I will carry on as advised, lol
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    Quote from GrnTea
    You think got dumped on?

    Maybe it was just YOUR TURN.

    It's not always about you.
    Yes I think I got dumped on. Didn't say it was intentional. Is it really my turn my first noc off orientation?
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    Quote from proud nurse
    Yes I think I got dumped on. Didn't say it was intentional. Is it really my turn my first noc off orientation?
    Yep. That's not "eating your young," it's not picking on the newbie. It's, like, "Welcome to the team, you're a big girl now, let's see how you do and how you behave with it." So... did you pass?
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    GrnTea, I didn't look at it as eating your young. Matter of fact, I really hate that saying. Making it off orientation is an initiation of sorts, time to show them what you're made of, if the 8-12 weeks they invested in you has paid off..I get that. My patient load was bad, no way around it.

    1. 1:1 sitter for behavior issues, if the aide needs to step out the room guess who has to step in?
    2. patient with chest tube, PICC that is clogged, need to get an order for tPa so I can draw his labs
    3. pre-op patient, gotta get her paperwork ready for 0630 procedure
    4. admit a patient with nausea, vomiting, "no Tyl#3 with codeine won't work, I need MORPHINE!" Gotta push that q2, and Zofran
    5. complete care in isolation, colostomy, foley, TPN, med every hour, gotta help aide with cares and reposition q2
    6. my only "easy patient", but only spoke Spanish, so communication was limited

    Time management was my biggest challenge, and yes I passed. But like I said in my initial post, I'm almost afraid what my next shift has in store for me.
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    Sounds like a typical floor assignment to me.. Your time management will get better
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    Glad to hear it-- I expected someone to come in with the old "NETY" any second. Now I feel as if I'm getting to know you a bit better. Good for you.

    Hey, if you can do this on your first night off orientation, I see great things in your future. Really! You don't have to be afraid. You're good. Stay in touch.
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