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Hi all, Happy Thanksgiving to all! This year is special because I have something really special to be thankful for! I do not have to work as a nurse anymore! Which means I no longer have to: 1) Listen to patients... Read More

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    Quote from danegerous
    Very interesting. I'm a little saddened that nursing had such a negative impact on you, I wish I couldv'e shared my experience so at least you could leave with a better taste in your mouth. At least you didn't say you left to become a vacuum sales person, that would have been weird.
    Honestly if I had to work as a vacuum saleswoman to leave nursing, as long as I could pay the bills, I would!
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    LOL! I think many people can relate to that.
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    Quote from -nurse-
    LOL! I think many people can relate to that.
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    Speaking of going back to being a full-time paramedic again...

    I got a recruitment flyer from an area in northwest Arkansas, where I want to live, looking to hire full-time paramedics. The starting salary was somewhere around 45k/yr, which is quite the salary in Arkansas, plus it was three to four day work weeks with no emergency runs.

    I called them up to ask about it and spoke to the secretary for about twenty minutes. It was strictly to understand what was going on. She said they just had trouble getting medics, and new guys always wanted to "just do" emergencies.

    It made me wish I was up there doing it, lol.
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    Good for you happy. I'm still practicing as medic. Prn. I don't miss the 24 hour shifts cause we spent mist of the night ona corner "covering". Plus I'm not a firefighter so my choices as a medic are less than as a RN. Both jobs are not for everybody. Though locally tgeyvare cranking out medics like there is no tomorrow . I like aspects of both th ERRN. And medic
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    Quote from mentalhealthRN
    So as a paramedic you don't have to deal with any of this? I agree a lot of it sucks! but you still will have psych patients and have a lot less help--though you do have the cops. But you will still get kicked and spit at and all that.
    I am glad for you that you found a job that you are happy at. I understand wanting to be doing something that makes me happy and that I don't hate going to. Gotta do what is best for you. Too bad they can't make some changes to the hospital so that nursing isn't so miserble and overworked.
    uh, actually I have never been physically assaulted or spit at by a patient working EMS and I have been in EMS for13 years in a fairly busy city! They have tried, but cops will have the person down on the ground kissing the pavement long before they can kick us or spit at us, not to mention if the patien is kicking and spitting in the field, unlike nursing I am not expected to jump in and hold them down! Patients are also much less likely to act out with the police present, it's amazing the effect a person with a gun and tazor can have on keeping someone in-line!

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