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Hand Sanitizer and Asthma - page 2

I am a nurse of twenty-four years. I have worked in medical, pediatrics, NICU, and am now working in hemodialysis. I have recently developed workplace induced irritable larynx syndrome. When I am... Read More

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    I sympathize. I'm not allergic to hand sanitizer but I am terribly allergic to perfume and cleaning products and most of the responses I get from people are either along the lines of ridicule, disbelief or anger and denial. It's almost as if I'm insulting them by saying they smell. I can't understand why people can't make the distinction between "rights" to wear a fragrance and rights to breathe and not cause distress. I have not found employers to be even remotely supportive. I hope you have more luck than I do.
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    I am not allergic to hand sanitizer, but I hate it. I see staff just about bathe in it when visiting my parents when they are in the hospital. When I used it in the past, before retiring, it made my hands feel dirty, not clean. I prefer good old soap and water. Hospitals are the worst offenders, they have that crap outside of every room, like it's some kind of magic potion. If I feel my hands need washing, I look for a sink. Sorry that some of you have such ill effects from it. By the way, it does kind of burn my nose when I smell it.