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I am a nurse of twenty-four years. I have worked in medical, pediatrics, NICU, and am now working in hemodialysis. I have recently developed workplace induced irritable larynx syndrome. When I am... Read More

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    Have you been diagnosed as being allergic to the hand sanitizer? If so, have you filed an occupational asthma claim with worker's compensation? Employer's must to take every reasonable precaution to try and prevent exposure. Check with your local compensation board they may help you find an accommodated position in your current workplace or a more suitable work environment.

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    I have had a similar response to alcohol based hand sanitizers for approximately 9 years now. At first it was a minor asthma attack but they have since became a severe response to the hand sanitizer. If I get even just a small inhalation of the vapors, I will have an asthma attack and will require a rescue inhaler. If I get a major exposure a rescue inhaler may not be enough to help me out of the attack and I may end up in the ER and then require Solumedrol, a series of Nebulizer treatments followed by course of steroids that will last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the severity of the reaction. I have also been hospitalized twice for four days each time due to severe asthma reactions that after the ER treatment and the home management could not get my lungs under control. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer can also be found in some aerosol hair sprays, perfumes and aerosol sunscreens to name just a few other products I also react too...Yes I am that allergic to these products. It makes it hard to go places like hospitals, malls, stores, just about anywhere because hand sanitizer is everywhere!!! People are shocked when I tell them I am severely allergic to the stuff and some even feel the need to test me and will use it in front of me to see if I'm telling the truth...Yes people are that stupid and cruel, and then are surprised when I actually have an asthma attack in front of them. Most people are understanding, even in the healthcare fields and will use soap and water instead. I hope this helps you to know that you are not alone. I hope your case does not progress to the severity of mine, but what I do suggest is you do get a great pulmonologist right away because the key for me is proper management. You should not be struggling to breath for a week after an attack. It sounds like you need a dose of Prednisone or maybe nebulizer treatments after your exposures to treat your lungs to get the inflammation back down. Proper treatment of your lungs is the key to prevent any damage. I would happy to give you any further info if you are interested. Good luck.

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