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let me begin by stating the following, this has only happened to me once... and so it goes, i was rushing to my work when the flash-lights of the patrol-car came into view in my rear-view mirror. ... Read More

  1. by   canchaser
    I got pullled over in my car pool of myself and 2 nuc med techs. I dug through my bag looking for badge and stuck it on my shirt. I am not a bedside nurse any more so I was in street clothes but it still had the big ugly badge with RN on it you can see from the end of a hall way. The girl in the back said " no way that badge is gonna get you off." Of course it did and the both thought it was wrong but I told them to pull it out and use it. They might save a cop with a PE when he needs a VQ scan at 2 am and they are rushing in to do it stat.
  2. by   Vespertinas
    This thread was a real eye-opener.

    My little story: I took care of a police chief of a major US city who traveled out-of-state for treatment at my hospital. Before arriving, he contacted the police chief of our city to issue him a bunch of Police Benevolence Association cards. These things are issued in limited numbers to officers to give to their immediate family members. On the surface it looks like a charity membership but in practice they're more like Get Out of Jail Free cards. His wife gave one to every provider he had during his stay (well, the ones they liked). It has the year printed on it and unfortunately or fortunately, I never had a chance to use it.

    To make up for that, I did plan on throwing his name around that spring as I used to party in his city every year. I ended up getting drunk and shouting incomprehensibly at bouncers who weren't very impressed.
  3. by   JBudd
    I was caring for a Stater one night, and his captain had to come in (on duty, they come get the weapon and all). So I'm joking with them about if I get pulled over on the local interstate they better remember who I am! They very seriously told me what to set my cruise control on, I looked at them and exclaimed I never go over 79! They all burst out laughing that I thought 79 on the interstate was speeding.