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We as Nurses know this one. We even know little cute ways to know how long to wash them(i.e. alphabet song, happy birthday, etc.). A new study conducted by our University Hospital's Medical Tech Program reminded me that... Read More

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    Can't wait on the Gram Positive/Negative tests, along with differentials for difficult to treat bacterial Colonies. Please remember, the tests do not pick up viral or fungal spores.

    Also, studies concluded that a high bacteria level upon a surface is NO indicator of fungal or viral presence. Most microbes of the fungal/Protista/Viral origin are very fragile, sensitive to elements, and need a host, or cool/warm dark moist places (i.e. why we don't place items under sink, and they are glued/screwed shut only opened by maintenance. It is however worth mentioning that when they did a test for a local 5 star Hotel, for fungal colonies (not spores) 95.7% of linen surface tested was clear of infection. Then something interesting was found, 99.3% of pillow cases tested positive for levels over safe (recommended) breathing levels. (Fungal) Shortly after these tests were published, Dateline NBC had a special on the Fungal Pillowcase problem.

    As much as I love Egyptian Cotton Blends, Synthetic materials less permeable to Oxygen and moisture faired MUCH better, 19.5% on a 50/50 cotton-synthetic mix, one week of use, virtually no living fungus after a regular cycle wash and tumble dry. .00003% on test (within margin of non-existence). Remember these are the Cases, all the pillows were higher than safe levels, only brought down by "sunning them" for 6 hours. (3 hours each side. One week to resume previous level of fungus! No more pillow fights for me!!!!

    They have tried everything to correct this, so the they researched and found that their own pillow cases came in right about the same. The ONLY thing that greatly reduces the fungal population was using 2 cases. Why? They have no clue. Also, Natural Sun Light is a Wonderful Antibiotic.

    The Sun's radiation destroys the microbes DNA/RNA, thus stopping growth as well. See, our grandmothers were smarter than we knew!!(hanging out sheets). Also, in the tests, areas hit by natural sunlight were ALWAYS the cleanest.
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    Quote from classicdame
    we not only talk up hand hygiene, we also have "monitor for the day" for each department. They are charged with reminding co-workers if they see them enter/leave a room without washing.
    I really have to say this made me kind of OCD, I mean I believe I always strive to keep my hands washed, even in patient's room before assessing them, well anytime I enter actually.

    But, my real epiphany was public bathrooms (napkin to open door after hand washing), cleaning vehicle surfaces, and ALL Handles of everything gets Lysol Spray daily!! (Peeking out window for the "whitecoats!")
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    toilet seat(#88).
    That impresses me. I only wish the phobic people would stop ******* on the toilet seats and not having the decency to wipe their urine off of it or lift it like we'd expect any man to do (since they **** on the seats). It is gross to walk into a stall and see urine splattered on the seats. And it's the ones that are afraid of toilet seats that make the mess.
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    (If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweety, and wipe the seaty). I worked in a small country hospital where a sign read "Please flush only toilet paper in this toilet." I know what they meant, but I wanted to stick a little goldfish net up there on a 3M hanger with small plastic bags just be evil, lol! (Staff Bathroom)

    I'm freaked that a re-usable water bottle, on the third fill up, is as sanitary as drinking lake or swamp water. Eat a cert please/thank you
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    Germs live everywhere. They co-exist with us but if we each individual takes a minute of our time clean these everyday use items infectious diseases will reduce significantly. I always wipe down my phone intralink when I have them. I saw CNA did the unimaginable thing holding poop (gloved) but when the phone rang she picked it up answered it and put it back in her pocket with poopy gloves. Yike! Education! That's a no no!!!
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    I hope she has a seat belt on her toilet.

    Some people are very cultured
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    I can't believe we haven't gone down the Fomite Road yet
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    My Whole Post is in Honor of the Infamous Fomite

    I'm so glad you brought that up though, because this thread is definitely not "Fomite and Fancy Free."
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    I'm not a germophobe but I know how easy transference is so I will make a point in dousing sinks, taps and the air in boiling hot water followed by gel sanitizer and the air gets glen 20. Ohh and I will use hot water and detergent to clean baruches.

    I'm a freak for everything being clean
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    We swabbed some sites in our hospital once, and I'm pretty sure the ward telephones were highest on the list! Gross!
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