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What are your experiences at work with your co-workers from different generations? As a Gen Xer I try very ,very hard to remain energetic and flexible. I really don't want to be labeled "the old fart that needs to quit" I... Read More

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    If I'm 31 does that make me Gen X or Gen Y? Gen X.2?

    At any rate, I agree with those who say they see personalities. I work with a wide range of ages and experience and most everyone is hardworking and supportive. There are a couple of folks who I do cringe to see as my partners or signing off to me (and they span multiple generations) but they are in the minority. As a new nurse, my more experienced coworkers have been nothing but supportive and on my side.

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    Well, I'm a Gen Y'er. And I have a B.A. in Sociology. I'll try not to get on too much of a soapbox here...

    I don't consider myself lazy or want others to bend to my needs. I work with another Gen Y'er that I graudated with and she is the same way. I think far too much is put into generational lines in the workplace. It all comes down to personality and work ethic, especially in nursing. I consider myself a hard worker and I pride myself on taking care of my patients. I see older nurses who do the same, yet I also see older nurses who are lazy and feel completely bothered whenever they have to do anything for their patients. I think it's unfair to label someone based on their generation, no matter if it's a positive or negative stereotype.

    These generalizations that get thrown on generations are just delusion; a complete distortion of reality that is placed by the culture in which we live. Each generation, in it's adolescent stage, is labeled as independent, technologically adept, fun loving, etc, by the previous generation. It was said about the Baby Boomers, they said it about Gen X, Gen X said it about Gen Y, and now my Gen Y's are saying it about Gen Z.
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