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Hi everyone, I have a random question about a situation that once happened to me in clinical during nursing school (I'm preparing for interviews and polishing my stories from all of my clinical experiences!). I once pulled... Read More

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    Quote from Whispera
    Stargazer wrote:

    I worked with patients with bulimia for awhile. They could bring stool up in their vomit...

    ...just a blast from the past!
    Oh my!

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    1200 is alot, and evidence of no peristalsis, as sais previous. so it would be dAngerous and pointless to put it back. they are not digesting!!!!
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    It depends on why you are checking gastric residual. A pt with that much residual obviously isn't moving gastric content through his GI tract. The NG should probably be connected to low wall suction so that the residual is removed over hours, instead of pulling 1200cc out all at once. I would expect the pt to have peripheral IV fluids infusing for hydration and to replace volume loss and maintain their blood pressure.

    I would guaiac the gastric residual but I can't think of any reason to keep it, especially if the doctor is informed and says to discard it. You certainly would not put the withdrawn gastric content back into the patient via the NG.

    Good luck!

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