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For years, we (in the nursing profession) have identified an increase in full moon personality changes among our patients and co-workers. None of them for the better! Yet research does not support our theory that the... Read More

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    Thanks for this information, I sometimes think the same as well if patients start to act crazy, I question if it is a full moon tonight.
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    I work in mental health. This is absolutely fact.
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    Well, interestingly, my daughter had grand mal seizures - uncontrolled no matter the medication or surgical procedure we had tried. I started to notice that her seizures were most often affiliated with the full moon. Day before, day of, or day after the FM were days when typically her seizures would hit. I mentioned this to her FP who didn't really believe me, but her neurosurgeon certainly did! He said that kids like my daughter with hydrocephalus as an underlying condition, most certainly seem to have more seizure activity around the full moon. He said that while he worked at a pediatric hospital, he had seen kids with seizures come in much more frequently around the full moon. His theory was, that if the full moon can affect the tide, it certainly could affect the the fluid balance in someone's brain, thereby causing seizures.
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    In my experience, it hasn't been the amount of patients that was the problem during the full moon, or the degree of sickness. It was the TYPE of patients that came in during the full moon.

    I always see more mean, crazy, drunk/drug addict, and stupid people during the full moon than at any other time of the month. LOL

    Agreeing with Esme12--after 17 years working at some capacity in health care, I don't need the statistical data. I have hard evidence every month. LOL
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    From my experience, the craziness that ensues with a full moon happens about three to four days before the actual full moon and also a day after. Most of the time working I don't notice a difference if I work on the night of a full moon.
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    I'm assuming these studies weren't done by a night shift nurse in LTC!
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    Where do you think the word lunatic comes from????
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    Hmmm....I really don't know, Yet, If the word lunatic has its origin in the moon itself (lunar ) then maybe it merits consideration.

    We used to buy a cake every Friday in CVRU and called it Freaky Friday . Hey, any excuse, right?
    Well, Collectively we agreed to "ban " Freaky Friday, because for several Friday's in a row pt kept crashing. Not just one but in a huge chain like reaction.
    Was there any correlation? Yeah, I think so , simply because we believed in it .It really doesn't matter if it is fact or fiction all that matters is the belief to make it so. I am wondering is that any different from a pt who "believes " he will be well and therefore succeeds despite his dismal prognosis .

    So stretching us all a little.....if Freaky Friday ,or full moons can manifest the result we expect....perhaps we are more powerful than we know?
    Or, we can look agree with science and say there is no correlation, that the patient's are mad every day, (but by some grace of God we only catch on to this once a month.) Personally I'm going with I believe in the full moon theory because if I don't then it means the lunatics are running the asylum EVERYday and there isn't enough cake in the world to "wake me up " to that truth.
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    It's called "confirmation bias"

    Here's a good article about it

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    I taught school for 19 years, and definitely there is something to full moon behavior in the classroom. Don't know about nursing yet because I am just starting out, but I would believe it. Bet police think there is more activity around the full moon too.

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