First or last name on stethoscope?

  1. I'm starting nursing school in August, and my dad is getting me a Littmann Cardio III, so I got one of those name tags to put on it in an effort to keep it from getting lost/swiped. My whole name won't fit on the engravable plate, and I'm curios what I should put on there. Just initials? First initial with last name? First name with last initials? Is one more appropriate/professional than the others? The real problem is that I have a hyphenated (super long) last name, but I guess I could just pick one to put on there as they won't both fit.

    I know that I'm making an issue out of something that is truly a nonissue, but I'm pretty anxious to start school, and I would really appreciate any input.
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  3. by   jmdRN
    I put 1st initial of 1st name and whole last name on mine, but that's because there's no less than 5 nurses on my (small) unit who share my 1st name.
  4. by   melizerd
    Are you married? Will you be getting married anytime soon? That's the only reason I'd avoid my last name. I know 3-4 girls that got married during school, or shortly after so they changed their last names.

    I put my first initial and last name. I'm married so I wasn't worried about having to replace it any time soon.

    I left room to add "RN" after my name once I pass the boards too!
  5. by   S.G.
    I had my full name on mine. If that didn't fit, I would have put first initial and last name.

    Just so you're aware, that won't keep it from getting stolen. Mine was stolen when I went into a patient's isolation room and I left it with my paperwork behind the desk. A colleague had hers stolen from a locked office (so it was another nurse or doctor that took it). It really sucks but it happens and they don't care if your name is engraved on it if they're stealing it.
  6. by   Ruby Vee
    Just last name or first initial and last name. Even if you later marry, that's still enough information to describe your stethescope to your colleagues when you've misplaced it, lent it to someone or are asking them to please hand it to you from the rack hanging on the wall. It won't stop anyone from stealing your scope, but later, when you see it around the thief's neck in the ER or another ICU, you can easily prove it's yours and not actually theirs. (And yes, that's happened. Many times -- to me, my husband and our colleagues.)
  7. by   rse3
    Thanks guys. Yes, I'm already married. That's how I got this super long, cumbersome hyphenated last name. I know that thieves will be thieves, but I was hoping that a name on it would cut down on the likelihood of mix-ups, people borrowing and forgetting who it belongs to, etc.
  8. by   Cohiba
    Get initials--the LAST thing I want patients to know is my whole name (ID has 1st name only) but they can't tell much from just initials...
  9. by   ChristineN
    I have my first and last name engraved onto my stethoscope tubing, instead of on a engraving plate.
  10. by   Twinmom06
    Quote from jvencius
    Get initials--the LAST thing I want patients to know is my whole name (ID has 1st name only) but they can't tell much from just initials...
    your name and license number are public knowledge so if someone wants to complain they're going to get your last name anyway...

    I have my full first and last name engraved on the bell of my stethoscope...
  11. by   Havin' A Party!
    What jmd said.
  12. by   Quit Floating Me
    What twinmom06 said.
  13. by   xoemmylouox
    I'd go with your last name, especially if it is not a common one, such as one that is hyphenated.
  14. by   HollyGoLightlyRN
    I put my first initial, full last name with RN after. Keep a hawk-eye on that stethoscope! That's a beautiful and expensive scope. I had an inexpensive scope for school and bought a NICE one as a graduation present to myself :-)