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Fired before I even started

  1. 0 I was hired at a large nursing home in our area about a month ago. During that month, I completed all the physicals and other necessary requirements. I was given a 4 week schedule and was set to start next week.

    About 2-3 weeks ago, a few of my references told me they had been called about the job and all was good to go. I was even told that I was good for hire and then given a schedule.

    Yesterday, I got a call from HR telling me, 3 weeks later, that I was given a bad reference and they were retracing my offer. Funny thing is, I used the same references in the two other jobs I was offered and they all gave me a good reference. I asked about it and she just said "someone" gave me a bad reference and she couldn't elaborate.

    A few people that I went to school with work there. I am a new grad. In school, I didn't talk to but a few people there because of the drama, childlike mentality of a lot of the students as well as the instructor. Well, apparently, one particular person was throwing a fit on Facebook that I was even interviewing there. Then 2 days after that post, the schedule goes out and I get a call that they're retracting the offer.

    The DON herself hired me. She's a family friend and knows that I'm a good worker and I keep to myself. I made it known to her what was happening and she isn't thrilled. Not to mention that a girl from my class that works there had told me that hr asked her about another person in our class that worked there. She told hr not to hire her cause no one "likes" her. Well, they didn't. Although she's as qualified as the rest of us.

    Is there anything I should or could do about this? Is this something that you would report to someone or just let it go? This place has a horrible reputation and now I know why. It's not fair to good nurses that are eager to work that this "clique" mentality is running the largest LPN employer in our area. I'm just at a loss over this.
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    Be grateful. Sounds like a dangerous and difficult place to work.
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    What a terrible thing to deal with. At this point, taking any action would probably be more trouble than it's worth. There are no laws that prohibit an employer from hiring you based on the personal opinions of another employee.

    FWIW, if Ms Nasty works there, is that really where you want to be? You may have dodged a bullet.
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    Quote from HouTx
    What a terrible thing to deal with. At this point, taking any action would probably be more trouble than it's worth. There are no laws that prohibit an employer from hiring you based on the personal opinions of another employee. FWIW, if Ms Nasty works there, is that really where you want to be? You may have dodged a bullet.
    You're right and that's how I'm looking at it. It was probably best anyway. It's just frustrating cause there are a lot of good nurses looking for jobs yet there are places like that that won't hire them based off the childish ways of people. I did get another job already and I start Monday. It's just so frustrating. The job that retracted their offer was so close to home, full time with benefits and paid way more than the job I ended up having to take. Disheartening to say the least.
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    1) If this isn't yet another good reason not to post anything at all about work or work search on FB, I don't know what is.
    2) If the DON hired you I don't see what keeps her from overruling HR-- she should have the discretion to evaluate professional "references."
    3) If the DON is a family friend, the next time you run into her socially, let her know that you've heard word is out about this sort of shenanigans and you are concerned it might make it harder for her to get good applicants in the future. Then shut up and see what she says.
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    I wouldn't even want to work there after all that. I imagine they bully coworkers out of there.
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    It sounds worst than middle school politics. Be glad you know before the real score.
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    Let it go and consider yourself fortunate. You would be miserable there.
    Good luck in finding something much better!!

    Edit: I see you already have found another job. Hope it goes well!!
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    I agree. Disheartening as it is, I am not sure I would want to work in such an environment to begin with. You would go in knowing that this group of people are prone to antics that would probably make your work life miserable.

    I also would be "I was so disheartend that the juvenile behavior of your current employees made it unlikely for me to work in your facility" to the family friend. Not accusatory, not anything other than honest. I would be interested to see what she has to say, and gives her a "heads up" on how new hires are being treated--and my guess is that there's quite a "posse" of mean girls that are best left for the DON to observe and deal with, and thankfully, you will have the opportunity to be in an enviroment that is more professional, less grade school.
    Good luck in your new job!!
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    Be glad you don't work there! You definitely dodged a bullet. You'll find something so much better in the long run. {{{{hugss}}}}

    Talk about high school/middle school antics. Writing about this on facebook? We're talking about a supposedly educated adult doing this? Tsk tsk tsk....

    Karma will deal with these childish people in due time. You just focus on you and being the awesome person and nurse that I'm sure you are. Kick this to the dust and keep pursuing that awesome job that has your name on it!
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    I would get a screen shot of that facebook comment and forward it to the D.O.N. and if I had the money I would sue her for defamation of character (if possible). because if she did in fact talk trash about you, you have suffered damages and losses due to her actions.
    seems to me that this is unethical behavior for a nurse......and it's possible that you can report her to your nursing board..(depending on their particular rules of conduct)