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I have noticed a tendency for nurses here to express anxiety about suddenly losing their jobs, even their licenses, because of a mistake or even because of internal political decisions. Is this kind of fear of suddenly losing... Read More

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    From one who has been there:

    The guidelines/policies/procedures in our unit could and often did change on a daily or weekly basis. The Manager could never figure why on earth we didn't know these things (changes) because that's the way she taught everyone (not!).

    Our unit had call requirements that began to increase dramatically. There were several weeks I worked 5 days because I was call person 2 days that week. Our manager said that that should never happen, but golly gee, she didn't have to do the schedule. When you have only 8 of your own staff members and you want at least 4, ideally 5, working, you know something's gotta give.

    One of my primary patients' parent pulled my aside one day and told me that he felt he had gotten me in trouble with his comments to the manager.They were glowing comments and the manager was not happy. Nor was she happy when asking another family about staff members they'd like to recognize and they said only me. My patient's dad told me I probably ought to look for another job, because he'd been noticing things and picking up things in the unit and that the management was "really, really after your job Miss K****." And they were. Got reported to the board for remediation (nothing went against my license) and working conditions became miserable. I was written up one week after I put in a request for transfer. Others were given a verbal warning for the same issue. I'd had it and I quit. Like 5 other nurses before me - none had jobs lined up, but it beat what could have happened.

    In this facility, just uttering the word "union" is grounds for immediate dismissal. We are an "at will" state.

    And just yesterday I received a card in the mail congratulating me on my 15 years with the system.
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