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from overdose no accident, says fantasia 'i wanted out' two weeks after being hospitalized for overdosing on aspirin and a sleep aid, singer fantasia barrino says it was no accident. she wanted to die. "i... Read More

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    Quote from Tarabara
    wow I am appalled at the attitudes here. Who are we to say why she tried to commit suicide or just assume it was a publicity stunt?! You have NO IDEA what's going on in her life, beyond what the media says. You obviously dont remember what you were taught about psych-mental health nursing, suicide attempts are almost never actually about dying its about not wanting to feel pain anymore. The fact that she told someone doesn't mean anything. And im sure since she's a celebrity she was hounded for interviews, just because she answered some questions doesn't mean she was suddenly up and cheery and totally faked it all. I hope you aren't this judgmental of your patients.
    I can hold whatever opinion I like. I don't feel it was legit. Sorry it offends your sensibilities. I'm not taking care of Fantasia, nor have I have I ever cared for her.

    Just because I'm a nurse, doesn't mean I can't hold opinions about the actions of people I'm not caring for.

    And I have cared for more than my fair share of fake suicide attempts. The legit ones are tragic. Fantasia's story isn't.

    If she was a legit suicide attempt, damaged herself to the point where she was awoken in the hospital to discover that she was hooked up to an IV, she would not be discharged 2 days later and back to work in 4.

    People are different and "heal" at different rates, but this just does not wash, imo. I honestly think it was a PR move to make her sympathetic in light of criticism of her affair with a married man, which, could seriously damage her career (Think Alicia Keys and her recent album release). Conveniently, the interview was timed with the release of her record.

    Think what you want, but there are too many things that raise red flags for me. It wouldn't the first time a celebrity uses a mental disorder to try and distract from a career derailing scandal. And, frankly, I can't stand that sort of thing. It trivializes the actual disorder and hurts those who truly suffer from it day after day.

    I have a soft spot in my heart for psych patients. They are misunderstood and severely underserved. That's why I cannot tolerate those who trivialize mental disorders in this way.
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