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  1. rr0416

    It's time to vent!!!

    "I have had a similar situation. I had a bad virus infection (as I thought) for more than a week. Progressively, it became worst and I went to see my PCP. Paid $20 co-pay by a check. My PCP was on vacation and the covering bit$& (a female) refused to prescribe any antibiotics. She did not even suggest that I do any lab tests! Frustrated, I stormed out, and went to the walk-in clinic affiliated with CVS, and walked out with my meds. Two days later my infection went away. But, I stopped the payment on my check to my PCP's office. They sent me a bill plus $25 for the stopped payment they had to pay. I responded with a copy of my bill from the walk-in clinic and a copy of prescription bottle, with two questions next to the balance due of $45 - for medical mal-practice? Failure to diagnose? Never heard again from my PCP again." To me this displays something that is all too common these days, a very low distress tolerance, and this attitude of entitlement, that if they pay to be EVALUATED and assessed by a professional, that it entitles them to be prescribed whatever they want. I actually had a patient who wanted her money back after an 1.5 hour Psych Eval because I wouldn't recommend a stimulant. "But why won't you give me Adderall, I paid for this appointment". Ugh....
  2. I am in a direct entry MSN progam for PMHNP, about to sit for the NCLEX. My previous experience was as a psychiatric social worker for the previous 10 years. My question is, once I pass the NCLEX, should I try to work as a floor nurse during my last 2 years of the graduate work? If so, what area of nursing should I try to get a job in? To me, (I may be completely wrong), as a PMHNP, I'm not sure I would ever use the skills again if I say worked on med/surg floor for the couple of years prior to graduation. I do however want to be the best PMHNP I can be, and marketable when I graduate. If it's better to have a couple of years under my belt by the time I graduate, I want it to be in the right area. Thanks!
  3. rr0416

    Psych NP Working Abroad?

    I am currently in the MSN program for a family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. My question is, once graduating, could I work abroad for a year or two, or is that really difficult to do? If that is possible, would it be more for a volunteer basis, or could I earn a living wage for my family? Thanks!
  4. rr0416

    Transplant Nurse Practitioner

    What type of Nurse Practitioner are you looking for? As in, what specific specialty would you be searching for?
  5. rr0416

    UT Alternate Entry MSN Summer 2011

    That's weird, are they notifying different sections at different times? I know some of us have already heard.
  6. rr0416

    UT Alternate Entry MSN Summer 2011

    I just found out via email that I am accepted to the FPMHNP! I'm not sure if I'm more excited or terrified!
  7. rr0416

    UT Alternate Entry MSN Summer 2011

    Has anybody heard yet whether they have been accepted or not?
  8. rr0416

    UT Alternate Entry MSN Summer 2011

    Yes, I meant FPMHNP. How could there be only three spots? That's not good news =(. Thanks for all the info though, I really appreciate it.
  9. rr0416

    UT Alternate Entry MSN Summer 2011

    What I was told at the general information meeting, was that in previous years there are about 150 applicants and about 54-56 slots open. Is it more competitive this year? I applied for PMHNP. Do you remember how those numbers compared to the other areas? Thanks!
  10. rr0416

    UT Alternate Entry MSN Summer 2011

    I am quite obsessed myself, I must admit. And perhaps a bit cranky, because my life could change so fast with just one little letter.......I've heard they actually let GIAC know before the applicant is notified, so I have been obsessively checking online to see my application status with them. Best of luck!
  11. rr0416

    UT Alternate Entry MSN Summer 2011

    I went on an interview in December, but didn't know they conducted second interviews. Does anyone know anything about the second interviews and what that means? Thanks
  12. rr0416

    Time Commitment Accurate?

    I just finished an interview this past week, hoping to be accepted into the direct entry MSN program at UT. The interviewer commented that I should expect to work 60-80 hours per week, adding up class time, labs, etc. Do you think this is accurate? I have three children, all in school. I will not be working, and will be able to have household help. I am a very hard worker and good student, but do not want to sacrifice my family's well being. Thanks!
  13. rr0416

    Want to be a NP, but not a nurse... so confused!!

    I have a question I hope you don't mind me intruding. I just had an interview to get into the direct entry MSN program at UT. The interviewer said to expect to work 60-80 hrs per work with classwork, labs, etc. Is this what you experienced? I have three kids but will not be working, and will be able to have household help. Is this doable? I don't want to sacrifice my family. Thanks so much!
  14. rr0416

    NP Time Commitment

    Thanks to both of you for your responses. I think this will be difficult, but well worth the time and effort. =)
  15. rr0416

    Is This Realistic?

    I am looking for advice. I have been a Social Worker for the past 10 years, currently finishing up prerequisites to hopefully get into the alternate entry program for PMHNP in Austin, Texas. I am not employed, just have the family on my plate. I am wondering what a typical week would look like for a PMHNP student. Am I looking at an 80 hour week, 60 hour week? I have a very supportive spouse, but want to make the best decision for my family. Thanks
  16. rr0416

    NP Time Commitment

    I hope this is an appropriate place to ask this question. I am a former Social Worker of 10 years finishing prerequisites in hope of being admitted to the alternate entry PMHNP program in Austin. I also am a mother of three, but not employed. My question is, what is the time commitment on a weekly basis during the average three year alternate entry program for an NP path. I know it will vary with each individual, but would you say it's 60 hours a week, 40 hours a week.....Thanks in advance.

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