Expiration date on RN license

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    I have a question regarding the expiration date on the RN license. I just passed the NCLEX (Yea!!!) and the expiration showing online is Dec/2014. Some of my classmates that passed their NCLEX last week has the expiration of Jun/2015. So I was wondering why their license expires after mine??? Why mine is less than 2 years. Thanks!
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    It has to do with your birthday month, I believe. The same thing happened with me & a classmate.
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    Because your BON doesn't like you, maybe.
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    Quote from TBlase
    Because your BON doesn't like you...

    Congrats gikg!
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    not sure about your state, but in mine all nurses renew their license in the birthday month, every two years. If you were initially licensed in 2013, an odd number year, and your birthday was in an odd number year, then you are due again in 2015. If you were born in an even number year, your license expires in 2014. There is an exception for people licensed in Jan but have birthdays the end of the same year --- too confusing for now. The state is trying to stagger people so everyone is not due at once. Remember, they are licensing thousands of people at the same time as people graduate from school at the same time.
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    Your driver's license is the same way, and for the same reason. Tying renewal date to birthday spreads them out. If your state does renewals in Dec and June, fine, but it's still tied to your birthday or something. Maybe the dates of your NCLEX? If you took yours in June and they took theirs in July, perhaps. Or the other way around.

    Who cares? You're licensed and you'll have many renewals in your future!
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    To those of you who offered the birthday logic, TY. This inquiring mind always wondered, but never bothered to ask. It wouldn't have made any difference anyway. But TY.
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    It depends on the state you live in. Ours are aways due the end of August every 2 years.
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    Im in California. And my birthday is in November, but yet the expiration is dec 2014. So is less than 2 years and does not match with my birthday. This is so weird.
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    My state is 2/28 Right now everyone current is due in 2014, so every two years means the next group will be due in '16
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    That still does not make sense to me. I had 3 classmates that tested on the same day, 1 week before me. Two of them have the expiration of 2015 and the other, like me, has 2014.
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    I think I was told that in LA we renew every January. I'll have to look though and see if that's what it actually is.
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    It's definitely different for each state! Passed NCLEX in June of this year and got my NC license, and endorsed to GA also in June. So, same month, same year... and my NC license expires 4/2015 and my GA license expires 1/2015. At least they're in the same year so I can remember them better. It would be nice if it was standardized so I could do everything at once, though.

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