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I am traveling with my husband and today stepped into the bathroom at a truck stop and happened to see someone had left their purse there. I looked through it a little to see if there was any ID. I could not find any, but I... Read More

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    I know in some places it easy to get a permit to carry a weapon. If you would have been some ladies I know in the stall and someone barged in that person potentially could have been shot. This especially so in a truck stop, Lord knows what kind of urchins are creeping around them, old lady or not.

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    :thnkg:i am blown away with the fact that you stripped for her, or anyone. i would have told her to get security so that together, we all can see what is in her purse. i can say it was nice of you to be considerate for her feelings, but would she had been the same if you asked that of her? anyway, if you weren't uncomfortable, then, hey, my saying is "if you like it, i love it". glad the outcome was satisfactory to you.
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