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  1. Farmer Jane

    Do nurses talk about their patients when the leave

    Freaking out to the point of not being able to endure a simple exam, and needing to be talked down, is most definitely an overreaction. It's not "ignoring her need to vent." It's pointing out that she needs some help, and venting on a message board is not going to relieve her of some obviously very extreme anxiety. Frankly, lovehospital, given your posts I really don't think you're in a position of authority here.
  2. Farmer Jane

    Do nurses talk about their patients when the leave

    We've seen stretch marks. We don't care. Is there a counselor whom you could talk to? Your reaction sounds way over the top and I think you would benefit from some intervention.
  3. Farmer Jane

    Entry Into Practice- A Lack of Willpower

    Um, okay. Let's talk about how to do that. Let's talk about instituting affordable, accessible BSN programs. It's very easy to say what should be done, but the reality is we currently don't have the means to do it. Where would rural areas find nurses if there were no ADN programs? How would the current BSN programs meet the demand? Another point is that in order to require BSN you have to have evidence that BSN is needed. Until BSN programs become more rigorous than ADN programs there is no ground to stand upon. ADN and BSN programs teach the same nursing content. Prove to the American public why the BSN is needed, and how we will educate enough BSN nurses, and the problem is solved.
  4. Farmer Jane

    The ANA really doesn't like non-BSN Nurses

    I absolutely think it is possible to advocate for BSN entry without making people feel bad. We should advocate BSN entry because we want to elevate the profession, because we want to standardize, and because we want to increase the knowledge base of nurses. Instead, the ANA talks about "technical" vs. "professional" nurses. It's insulting and unnecessary. What did physical therapists do when they elevated their required degree? Do you recall PT associations referring to bachelor's prepared PTs as "technicians"? Nope. They simply talked about how the knowledge base had increased and it was taking more time to learn all that PTs need to know. As for what I'd like to see in an RN to BSN program, my answer is really based on what I'd like to see in ALL nursing programs. I think we need more hard science and less fluff (i.e. theory ad nauseum and care plan after care plan, oh let's not forget process recordings). In fact, we need a lot more hard science. We need more pharmacology, more pathophysiology, more biochemistry. These classes aren't needed only in RN to BSN programs--they're needed in every program. Nursing needs to be far more rigorous if we wish to elevate our status.
  5. Farmer Jane

    Nursing caps required at your job?

    I might wear one on Halloween, but that's it. I'm a professional, not a caricature.
  6. Farmer Jane

    Tips for adjusting to night shift?

    What Ruby Vee said. And coffee.
  7. Farmer Jane

    The ANA really doesn't like non-BSN Nurses

    Suanna, I agree with your premise but I think it's missing the point of this discussion. I, too, would like to see "nurse" mean one thing: an RN with a BSN. I would love to see current LPNs grandfathered in and the LPN concept eliminated, along with ADN and diploma programs. I think BSN programs should be made more challenging and science based, and the boards more rigorous. BUT, until that happens, LPNs are nurses. I can understand having different certifications for LPNs and RNs because the education, clinical judgment, and responsibilities are different. There is no reason, however, that currently practicing RNs should not be eligible for certifications. I'm also sick and tired of the crap spewed by the ANA and ivory tower nurses about how ADNs are "technical" nurses. Um, no. They have the same license, same scope of practice. And I've got to tell you--now that I'm one class away from completing my BSN--the BSN doesn't make you a better nurse. It's neat and all, and promotes the profession, but the courses were pretty much pansy and useless. I'm all for promoting and elevating the profession. I'm against the denigration of members of the profession in order to achieve that goal. The outcome does not justify the means. I recently joined AACN and am happy to have done so.
  8. Farmer Jane

    The ANA really doesn't like non-BSN Nurses

    I am not a member of the ANA for just that reason. I'll finish my BSN in May and still won't join. I want an organization that stands up for nurses--all, not just a few. The ANA pretty much disgusts me.
  9. This. Honestly I've never had a significant problem with a physician.
  10. Farmer Jane

    This Current Recession!!!

    My unit closed and I was laid off, but we were all offered jobs within the organization. I saw the layoff coming and found a position ahead of time. It's all good. But no, nursing is not recession proof.
  11. Farmer Jane

    Nonlicensed personnel and arterial lines

    Having one more class to finish my BSN I can honestly say... *nothing.* It's not about the degree. It's about the license. If my patient had a problem after a very invasive line was removed I'd have trouble justifying in court why I let a non-licensed person handle the task.
  12. Farmer Jane

    When wasting narcotics...

    Same here. I'm also a bit paranoid because several years ago when I was off work for an injury my manager accused me of overusing Vicodin (it was prescribed, I was acutely injured, and she was dead wrong). She didn't accuse me of diverting, but when I returned I didn't want to give her any reason to accuse me of such.
  13. Farmer Jane

    Nonlicensed personnel and arterial lines

    It's not the skill itself, but being able to handle the problems that may occur.
  14. Farmer Jane

    How often do you do vitals and I&Os?

    It depends so much on the patient. Yesterday I did them every 30 minutes.
  15. Farmer Jane

    Nonlicensed personnel and arterial lines

    Unfortunately, hospitals have created all sorts of positions and have managed to get away with it. As for *my* patients, I would do it myself. I would not allow anyone but RN or above to be removing such a line, no way no how.
  16. Farmer Jane

    Can one become a nurse if one has HPV?

    It's none of anyone's business. If an employer or college ever asks, lie.