Epic Nursing Movie Trailer - Nurses Spreading Smiles

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    A must watch movie trailer Get a bowl of popcorn, but make it a small, it's only 1 minute long Please click the like button if you enjoy it

    Download your cartoon book to print and share halloween themed nursing cartoons
    Download here: http://nsg.me/smile

    I hope you enjoyed the video, please share comments below!
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    so when is it hitting theaters? lol
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    And imagine all this happens even before breakfast is served !
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    That music is my "theme music" each day as I drive in to go to work each day. The epic life of a nurse! It's so amazing!
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    I'm glad you all liked it I was just playing around with the idea I really didn't have any official plans, but I liked the end result

    Would you like to see more fun videos like this?
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    Yes I would
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    yeah ,absolutely brian. nice job. All nurses' could do with a stat dose of fun
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    sounds good, we will see what we can come up with
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    Happy Halloween!
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    That is soooo funny!!! Good job! I recalled just about every joke associated with the film!!!