Employment Status: Withdrawn?

  1. What exactly does it mean when next to your employment status it states: Withdrawn? I have never heard of that before.......
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Perhaps job offer withdrawn?
  4. by   klone
    Next to your "employment status" where? More context needed...
  5. by   HeatherGurl84
    When you request employment verification and it states:

    employment status: withdrawn.
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    This is meaningless to me. Please don't repeat it a third time; help us out here. Where do you see this listing-- in an ad, on a bulletin board, in a licensure roster...?
    From whom are you requesting employment status?
    About whom, yourself or someone else?
    What does "employment status" mean in this context?
    What do you think this means?
    Any hints anywhere?
  7. by   Meriwhen
    It's one of two things:

    1. Your application for the position with withdrawn, either on purpose by you, or because it was incomplete and you failed to complete it before the deadline.

    2. The position itself was withdrawn/cancelled.

    Which one it actually is is a question only your HR department can answer.
  8. by   HeatherGurl84
    No need to be rude GrnTea. I see this on my own HR website for the company I work for. And they way I stated it is exactly how it is written out under Employment Verification on my employee portal/HR website.To make a long story short, 2 months into a new job, I had to have hip surgery. I only expected to be out 2 weeks but that turned into 2 months.

    my work email account has been disabled. I am thinking this means they have terminated/pulled my position. I am due to go back to work Monday and mentally preparing myself.
  9. by   Rose_Queen
    I don't think GrnTea was being rude. From your first two posts, we can't gather enough information to even attempt an answer. However, your third post provides the information to help answer your question. As an employee of only 2 months, you would not have been eligible for FMLA when you had your surgery; therefore, the facility had no obligation to hold your position for you. Putting that together with a disabled work email account (unless it has something to do with an expired password), it sounds as if though yes, you no longer have that particular job at that facility. A second, less probable scenario is that the facility needed that position available and hired someone else and you may be offered an alternative position. Personally, with an absence as long as your work history at that facility, I wouldn't hold my breath.
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  10. by   Ruas61
    You are no longer an employee.

    Did you not keep in contact with your manager or HR during your LOA?
  11. by   HeatherGurl84
    I kept in contact with my manager and HR on a daily basis. Our email servers were also changed and passwords do expire, locking us out. I guess I will find out on Monday....they should have at least told me before I was due to return.
  12. by   Ruas61
    Every day? Why would you have to do that everyday? Do you not have a doctor's note for all this?
  13. by   HeatherGurl84
    I did but my manager asked me to either text or email her updates. She just wanted to be kept in the loop. Sometimes it was every other day or few days. She was informed though on a regular basis.
  14. by   nurseprnRN
    You might call and say, "Remember we discussed that I'm cleared to return to work on Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing you all!" If you have been in daily contact, then they presumably know that you have return to work date (you probably have a note from your treating physician for that purpose, and they probably want to see it), and would have said something if they didn't want to see your smiling face at 0700.

    And I wasn't being rude. I just had no idea whatsoever what you were talking about and asked for specifics. Thanks for the update, and good luck! Let us know what happens!