Employment Drug Test Questions

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    Anticipate starting a new job soon and expect to do an employment drug test. I take Remeron, Welbutrin, and Buspar for depression and Mysoline and Topamax for essential tremor. I have been told that matabolites of some of these can show up as a positive on the basic urine drug screen....does anyone know if this is true?

    In doing the drug test, it is my understanding that the lab will ask for a list of my medications. Will my employer receive that list?


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    The lab does not ask for a list; you wait until they call you after it comes up positive and then give them your docs number to confirm Rxs. If everything is valid the test goes back to the employer as a negative. You have privacy rights and the employer is not given a list of meds unless it was Rxs that couldn't be varified or street drugs which in such a case the test would have been sent as a positive to the employer.

    I know a person who sued a drug testing company for revealing the meds to the employer when they had valid Rxs for them. If your meds are legal then the result from the testing company must be sent to the empolyer as a negative. Only when it's illegal can the testing company reveal the drugs to the employer. Know your rights.
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    When I've had drug tests, they have always asked what prescription medications I take, and I take the bottles with me to show them.

    The test evaluator will know what metabolizes into what, and prescribed medications should not be a problem.

    The test center/evaluator is not allowed to tell anyone what medications you take. They will only report if you are positive or negative on the test.
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    Each state is different and it probably would be a good idea to take your meds in just in case the above post applies.
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    This is a complete shock to this Canadian Nurse... Do you really have to go through drug testing pre employment.. unbelievable.. I think this is a complete infringement on your human rights!!!
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    Not just on employment. Where I've worked there are random drug testings throughout the year...
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    Wow, I could see it if you were impaired and disciplined during employment, but without a history.. never.. as far as I know, would they ever do this pre employment here.. Only if you had some previous restrictions on your nursing registration.
    What an expense.. really.. if someone is using, I think they would be very creative pre employment anyway..
    Sounds like a waste of time & money to me.
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    This is the result of the war of drugs. The casualties are the people looking for jobs and assumed to be drug addicts. I said it 20 years ago when they first started this stuff "It's only going to get worse!" and to boot after the initial drug testing they can randomly pick out people and drug test you on the job. It's insane.

    Many lives have been ruined as well from false positves (yes people it happens) and other things. It's crazy. People who work in the labs make mistakes too.
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    A lot of employers in the USA do pre-employment drug screening…even for jobs like a cashier in a discount store or someone who works in fast food.

    The LTC I used to work for did pre-emplyoment testing…it was a matter of peeing in a cup and lines showed up to indicate a positive or negative test. If tests were positive, the candidate was either told that they were not eligible for employment or they were given the opportunity to have additional testing at their expense. If they tested positive for something they had a prescription for, there was no problem.

    We had two people test positive for THC and both were simply escorted to the door. Other than that, no one ever failed a test pre-employment. Everyone in the facility had to do a random test annually. The administrator pulled a random name once or twice a week and that employee had 24 hours to report for their test (unless they were out of town something…then they got re-circulated and pulled later). If they tested positive that they did not have a prescription for, they were given the opportunity to justify it or prove a false positive through further testing or they were terminated.

    We also pulled people for testing if we had reason to suspect they were using.
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    Quote from BOXRLUVR
    This is a complete shock to this Canadian Nurse... Do you really have to go through drug testing pre employment.. unbelievable.. I think this is a complete infringement on your human rights!!!
    Yeah! They should stop doing criminal background checks as well. They should also not be allowed to run your license number to see if you are actually registered. I don't think it would be a gigantic risk to your patients and current employer.
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