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Hey all, wondering what the general trend is here. My question is, do you talk about work when you're not at work? The reason i'm asking is this: I'm a nursing student, my sister is an RN. She and I will always be... Read More

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    I have a sister that works on the same floor as I do and my daughter is in nursing school. Guess what we talk about MOST of the time? lol

    I live alone so the dog, the rabbit and the cats get to hear about my day.

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    Sure do! Haha. That's how me and my husband bond, complaining about our day. Me and my nursing buddies do the same.
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    I keep my job life and my home life in two separate boxes. I don't really like to talk about nursing, unless I'm chatting with a co-worker during my shift. It's just less stressful to keep nursing at work -- otherwise I find myself bringing difficult patients home with me, and that's not really how I like to spend my days off.
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    I live alone so I don't talk about it at home but I do talk about things with my nurse friends. I have one friend from nursing school who I'm still fairly close with though we only see each other a few times a year... but when we go out, we'll spend 4 hours at a restaurant discussing all our nursing horror stories since the last time we met up. I talk about my frustrations in my current job (like spending 3 days trying to track down a patient) with my friends who also work in home care.
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    I definitely talk about it at home and when I'm with friends who are also nurses. I would go nuts if I didn't because the abuse and disrespect I experience as a nurse is such that if I kept it in, I would explode. Also, I have very difficult cases. Both tragic and just plain annoying, so talking about them is the only way to process it and get it out of my system. It's a healthy thing to do and unfortunately, it is not built into our jobs to have a proper place to debrief about the crap we deal with on a daily basis.
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    Nope, don't talk about it...other than "crappy day, leave me alone." No desire to talk about nursing if I am not getting paid to do so.
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    I'm one who, since elementary school, keeps things inside until they come flowing out faster than a PEG-induced code brown, so I do talk about events with my husband to prevent those meltdowns as much as possible. I'm lucky that he's prior military with experience in HIPAA and clearances, so the vague descriptions and relating events to odd, unrelated things is normal. In return, I get to hear about how his current IT patch and test is going. Discussions like this help us understand the stresses each is under that might not be witnessed by the other and to support each other the best we can. I also find that keeping to HIPAA in the privacy of my home helps keep it strong when I have to discuss a patient in a more public setting like a floor or professional conference.
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    Depends. My husband works in healthcare (for a heck of a lot longer than I have) so sometimes I will bounce ideas off of him or ask questions. Otherwise it's the general picture - work was busy, work was quiet, we were short, I got floated, we were slammed, etc.
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    I leave work at work and home at home, or at least I try to do so. Occasionally I will ask mom and sis for advice sometimes (they are both nurses with over 30 years of experience between them). Or if there is a really funny/cute story I may share.

    My mom and sis both "vent" and generally have to do so right after shift and before going to bed (all of us work nights). They talk about work constantly.
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    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    My cats aren't such good listeners. My dog, on the other hand, just seems to know when I need her to listen.
    My cat might not have been such a good listener were it not for the fact that he's 13 years old and can no longer escape my affection.
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