do you need pre reqs before entering a bsn program?

  1. Before enter a adn program, you need to do your pre reqs right? at a community college, is it the same with bsn at a university? or do they include the pre reqs into one of the 4 years?
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  3. by   merlee
    Every program is different. Many require prereqs of some sort.

    You need to contact the places you are interested in.
  4. by   xtxrn
    It depends on the program- different places have different pre-reqs. It helps to know where you're going before anyone can really answer- and the career counselors at the specific college will have the most accurate info for you
  5. by   MariaNicoleRN
    Usually a BSN program incorporates all of your coursework into the program. I don't see why you would have to go somewhere else then go 4 years at a BSN program when a BSN only should take 4 years. That's how it is around my way.
  6. by   bookwormom
    Usually a BSN would include the pre-requisites in the 4 year program. With a BSN curriculum, however, you may not start your nursing classes in your freshman year; you may have to apply to the nursing program as a freshman or sophomore and then start nursing in your sophomore or junior year. Depends on the program.

    However, in any academic program, if you have pre-existing deficiencies (based on ACT or SAT or other testing), you may have extra time added to your program, so you can take classes that will catch you up.
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  7. by   fromtheseaRN
    yep, it's different everywhere. at the state universities in my state for a bsn, you take your pre reqs your first two years and then apply, and hopefully get accepted, to the nursing program for the last two years.

    the community colleges, which offer an associates, also have 2 years of pre reqs, then 2 years of nursing. in my state the main difference, besides your degree, is that you get a few more theory courses in the bachelors program.
  8. by   Skips
    At a 4-year program, sometimes you do not need the prerequisites completed. It is often part of the curriculum. For my program (4-year one), I got all of the prerequisites done at a community college (cheaper!) before I transferred in.

    It's different for everyone, though.
  9. by   Esme12
    Call the college.....:smackingf.
  10. by   Quickbeam
    Call the program you are interested in and get their pre-req list. I was a second degree BSN and my first degree had almost nothing I needed. It meant night school for years getting the requirements prior to my 2nd degree BSN program.

    Programs vary so widely it just pays to get their requirement list.
  11. by   wilsonra
    You most certainly do for any university.