Do you like being a nurse?

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    For everyone out there, do you like what you do? Especially for all those people out there who dreamed of being a nurse, is it what you expected? I'm trying to get into nursing and sometimes I wonder can I really do it. And if I can will I like it like I've always thought I would. I've always felt like nursing was the career path for me. I also really want to know, how stressful is your job? After nursing school do you feel adequate enough to take care of your patients safely? Do you like going to work? I guess I'm trying to get a grasp of what life is like as a nurse. I really want to be in a career helping people and no I am not trying to have an easy job, I am a very hard worker. Basically I am spending a lot of time stressed with school trying to stay on top of things while trying to work and I have at least another two years of being stressed with school. When I finally get done with school I don't want to have to worry about being stressed at work all the time. I would love to hear your guy's experiences.

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    I love being a nurse. I really, truly can't imagine myself doing anything else. I felt adequately prepared as a new grad to enter the field as a new nurse 5 years ago, and have continued to grow as a nurse since then. Yes, work can be stressful at times but generally the "stress" comes from dealing with difficult patients or high acuity pts. I have been blessed that most of my career has been in facilities that seem to value nurses and not work the shift short staffed, as you will see other nurses complain of.

    If I had it to do over I wouldn't change a thing.
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    ChristineN- it is so great and reassuring to hear a positive response. Don't get me wrong, when I say stress I don't mean working busyshifts. and dealing with difficult patients . I work at an Alzheimer's facility in the special care unit as a med-tech, and believe me I know why it's like to work busy busy shifts. I actually prefer busy shifts. It makes it go buy so much faster. And trust me I know how to deal with difficult patients, I've been slapped, cussed at, spit at. You name it. But I still love my job. What I'm scared of is not being able to do my job good enough.
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    I love being a nurse, so much that I've been at it for 36 years! When I graduated *1977* I was fully prepared to go to work. In my program, we were taking full patient loads and running one side of the floor for the last 6 months of training, so we had at least some experience. I have worked in several different areas, but mostly in pediatrics. Currently I work for a non-profit that provides homes for persons with developmental disabilities and foster care, doing research & writing, training staff and caregivers, and auditing charts to make sure we're providing the best possible care for our clients. This is a job I could not have done as a younger nurse, I believe. Now that I'm in my 50s I have the drive, the wisdom, patience, compassion and steel to get the job done and I love it.
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    I love my job. But I wouldn't be in my current position without years of experience on the floor, which years I hated and which gave me anxiety attacks. In my mind, I've filed the anxiety-filled med/surg years under "earning my stripes."

    As long as you are aware that you only learn one-half of what you need to know in nursing school and are prepared to spend some years on the floor earning the rest of your education, the nursing world will be your oyster, as they say.
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    It's great to hear positive responses. Geez, is med-surg really that bad? I'm volunteering on a med surg floor and I plan on starting there as a nurse. After a few years I want to go to np school though.
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    Med/surg in most any facility is hard work. Perhaps I wasn't cut out for it, but you will find others who feel the same as I. And again, if you consider it as your further education, it's easier to tolerate.
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    Yes I will definately look at it as that initial learning environment. I can't see med surg being a passion of mine at all. I just want to start there, because if I'm going to be a nurse I want to be the best nurse I can be. Obviously I'm not speaking from experience, I just hear that med-surg is a great place to start. My ultimate goal is fnp though. My real dream is to do primary care.
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    Nope absolutely despise being being a floor nurse. Hate it and dread every single shift. I have discovered a passion though for being a nurse practitioner. I have enjoyed my clinicals so far and look forward to finishing my DNP in 2015.
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    Mom to 4- can I ask what type of floor nursing you did before going to np school? E.g. Was it med-surg, ER, icu etc?

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