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I'm not talking about patient education, I'm just talking about general conversation. I hear people get things wrong medically all the time, but I rarely correct people. For example, a relative said the other day that she... Read More

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    Quote from eatmysoxRN
    My mom is also a hypochondriac and I demanded she stopped watching Dr. Oz.
    Lol are you my sister?! My sis is an ICU nurse and I am hoping to go to Ns this year. Our mom. Oy. Lay off the Dr. Oz for real!! And she is also a chronic overuser of abx which drives me nuts!!! My sister must have a hole in her tongue from biting it so much. Lol ( I just don't know as much yet but I'm sure will get to that point too!!)
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    Quote from sapphire18
    Except for the time I found out a coworker was taking 5-5.5g of Tylenol a day (non-nurse). :/
    Holy hell.
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    I had someone tell me the other day that he had such a bad "allergic reaction" to pain killers that he needed a shot of narcan. I'm just like, "Oh, glad you're okay."
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    No. I dont want to come across as a know it all.

    Unless it is something that can kill them....
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    I have a family member that says her kids are allergic to just about everything, Benadryl, cold meds, Tylenol etc, etc because, they make them sleepy or hyper or upsets their stomachs. I've told her that side effects doesn't mean they are allergic but, she doesn't seen to comprehend. I've had several family members say crazy off the wall medical stuff and have even argued with me so, I just don't say anything anymore. One of my favorites was when someone asked me how to stop throwing up dial, and got mad and acted like I was stupid when I didn't understand. I asked "like dial soap?" and she was offended and snapped "no, from my gallbladder" lol. Oh, and the things people put on Facebook, one girl kept putting that she had to get her gold babbler taken out....
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    Quote from sapphire18
    Except for the time I found out a coworker was taking 5-5.5g of Tylenol a day (non-nurse). :/
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    I've only done it a couple of times, when friends say a word comically wrong and I want to save them from future embarrassment. Once, a good friend was telling me all about how they "debris" burns and how painful it is, etc (he knows I'm a nurse). I said, no they debride the wound. Did he thank me? No, he shook his head "no" and said, "it's debris". Hm. The nerve! I told him the correct word once more and dropped it. I understand why he thought that but you don't argue with the nurse about nursey words!

    Another time somebody called a gurney a "guernsey". Didn't say a word.
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    I recently started watching "Prison Break" and in one episode, the prison physician explained how she was debriding a burn, but she pronounced it "de-bride" like "bride and groom"
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    Quote from Nascar nurse
    Have been trying to tell my Mother for years that going out without a coat on is only going to give me hypothermia, not pneumonia. I've also tried to tell her that not every head cold requires an antibiotic and that OTC cold meds only provide symptom relief..they don't "cure" a cold (so no Mom, I don't need to take it a few extra days just to make sure the cold is gone!).

    I love her to death...but some issues are just banging my head into a brick wall. I figure if I can't get my own Mother to understand it's probably best to just keep my mouth shut with the rest of the world.
    My mother is the exact same way! Last time I had a stuffy nose, she kept telling me to go to the doctor because I might have "walking pneumonia", when I really just needed a Sudafed, ginger/lemon tea, and water. I tell my brother to come to me from now on about cold symptoms since my mom, while she has good intentions, tends to overreact to everything =P
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    My husband works in health care also...not a nurse. I frequently hear him talk to his family on the phone about health issues. The only way he could give out more wrong information, is if he were on the phone 24/7.
    I used to correct his side of the conversation, no telling what the other side was asking, but he continued to just spew out rubbish.
    He enjoys himself so much being an expert, I just let him go.
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