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Do nurses get paid hourly or salary.

  1. 0 Hello,
    I am in the computer field and studying to become a nurse.
    However, I was wondering I am hoping that people in this field get paid by the hour that is what I have heard also do you get overtime after 40 hours?
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    I get paid hourly. I work 12 hour shifts and get overtime after 80 hours in the 2 week payperiod.
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    We get paid an hourly rate four 12 hour shifts. Also, overtime if we put in for it for missing breaks or having to stay after our shift is over. We don't get paid overtime after 40 hours (work 84 hours in 2 weeks) but we do get a paid day off every six weeks, which is equal. It's actually really nice because if you take that day with a stat day you get a paid week off every six weeks.
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    i'm paid by the hour and get ot(time and a half for anything over 40 hrs in a week or anything over 12 in the day. also time and a half for holidays(i think we get six paid holidays).
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    hi! i'm working in at kaiser in cali and am paid by the hour. OT, which is anything over 40hrs/wk or 8hrs/day (aka a double or 2 consecutive shifts), is paid time and a half for the first 4 hrs and double for the last 3.5 hrs.
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    It depends on the job. If you work as floor or staff nurse you usually get paid hourly with OT being anything over 40 hours. If you have an administrative job such as DON, ADON, you get paid salaried.
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    we are paid hourly and work 12 hour shifts. we get OT after 36 hours in a week. so if i work 3 days one week and 4 the next i get OT for the entire extra 12 hour shift.
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    I am on salary with no OT
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    I get paid hourly, time and a half for over 40 hours, plus a paid
    holiday every six weeks.
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    There are some salaried positions mainly in administration. For the most part floor nurses are hourly. We need to get paid for when we work. Too often we're stuck working late after the shift ends for various reasons (usually doing paperwork, or emergencies).
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    OK, in the hospitals where I work, regular staff nurses are paid hourly. Differentials (additional amounts) apply for off-shifts, holidays, supplemental status, call-back's, etc. USUALLY ONLY management and office nurses(case managers) are salaried. This applies to hospital work, I am reminding you.
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    Where I work (hospital), anything over 12 hrs in one day and anything over 40 hrs in one work week is considered over time. This is in addition to any shift differentials, weekend diffs, etc. This is for a regular staff nurse.

    If you are in management... you are salary.